Aus and NZ Come Closer - It's now official

Aus and NZ Come Closer - It's now official

Post by Suresh K » Sat, 25 Jul 2009 07:37:23

Cricket Australia confirmed that Australia and NZ have finally moved
closer. A spokesperson for CA said "we always thought it would take a
shifting of tectonic plates to get Australia and NZ to come closer.
But that is precisely what happened - there was a shifting of tectonic
plates. Another one of these events could well make us one country"
added the spokesman.

Will the Black Cap and the Baggy Green fuse into a new national
headgear? say, the Gabby Bleem?

And will Punter agree to play under Vettori? And then there's the
question of - ahem how shall I put it - the lower trajectory delivery
released at a height well below the transverse abdominius muscle of
the bowler... first tried successfully by two grandsons of a certain
Vic Richardson... how will the new country view this bowling
innovation? May be it will need another shifting of tectonic plates
after all to put it behind them.

Suresh K S

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