Bobby Parks (was Re: Eng Squad for 1st Test)

Bobby Parks (was Re: Eng Squad for 1st Test)

Post by David Wheel » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 18:47:39


>>Watch out for Adrian Aymes of Hampshire, the dark horse in contention
>>for the England wicketkeeper/batsman slot.  He's a steady 'keeper, a
>>more-than-useful bat and he's only 24.  Ignore him if you will; Alan
>>Knott isn't.

>On the subject of Hampshire 'keepers, whatever happened to
>Bobby Parks ? A third-generation wicketkeeper and another
>reasonable bat. Anyone know what he's doing now ?

Yes, he lost his place in the first XI to Aymes in the 1992 season.  He
played second XI cricket for part of last season before signing for Kent.
Aymes is a far better batsman than Parks ever was, and about on a par as
a 'keeper.

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