Live telecast of WI/AUS/SL matches in USA/CANADA...update

Live telecast of WI/AUS/SL matches in USA/CANADA...update

Post by JATIN N PAT » Sun, 19 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Well we just have update for upcoming World series in Australlia which also
includes West Indies & Sri Lanka with Host nation in tri angular series
starting next month.

Most likely it will be available on Galaxy 7 tr 9 / Telstar 301 tr 22
or Spacenet 3 tr 13, possible locations time to time depands on availability.

Schudules will available to people who have dishes and interested to watching
it. Will not be available to RCA, SONY, PRIMEPLUS, CABLE or any other
entertainment you have... Only on Big dishes.

There is possiblity about pay per view of this matches but not confirm at this
momemt as of Nov 18th 95.

There may be BMAC transmission possible if it's not in clear, will post info as
soon as I have it.

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