China making rapid inroads into hockey (watch out for their possible 20-20 debut)

China making rapid inroads into hockey (watch out for their possible 20-20 debut)

Post by Shiva IYE » Fri, 20 Jul 2007 12:43:32

The Chinese are taking great strides in field hockey and they have
adapted the right strategy of learning to fly with the field hockey
eagles by inviting current hockey super-powers like Holland to tour
their country.  As of now, the Chinese men's team have had a
noteworthy 3-3 draw with the Dutch.  Looks like they are doing another
S.Korea in men's field hockey and maybe even beyond with the 2008
Beijing Olympics looming on the horizon.  At least for India, they now
present a huge challenge and as of now India has not even qualified
for a  2008 Olympics field hockey slot.  So that's a big IF.  (The
Chinese automatically qualify by virtue of being the hosts)

But what I'm wondering here is that it should be quite possible for
China to make an entry into 20/20 cricket.  China is a country of high
Athletic Index (much higher than India) and they do have the pool of
top class athletes to take up the challenge of 20/20 cricket and quite
possibly excel in the sport.  That would then be a big boost for
international cricket and going by past trends, one would then ask as
to where the Chinese would go looking to top class cricket training.

The answer: The super-eagles of cricket.. Australia. and totally model
their training on the take-the-bull-by-the-horns winning Aussie

So India better watch out for this... The Asian cricket firmament may
have yet another potent challenger in the making.

Shiva IYER