Imran Khan [2]

Imran Khan [2]

Post by Jawad Sy » Sun, 12 Sep 1993 00:37:27


>|> >  Imran is a pompous *** who thinks his birth was as much destined
>|> >as that of Jesus Christ. So who gives a damn what he thinks ?
>|> >Bhaskar
>|> ?????
>|> Tanny

>Brilliantly put. Problem is, if I'd said it, I would be called racist.

>>>Tippu badshah
>>>P.S. And the 1-1 draw last series was to lull u guys into a false sense of

security.....wait till yous get 'ere :))))


Tippu badshah,
             Be patient, there is no point in replying to every stupid stuff
you read on the net.

Jawad Syed