Hick Hick Hurrah

Hick Hick Hurrah

Post by Don Hugh » Fri, 25 Jun 1993 16:15:12


>My nucleus of a future England test squad would thus be something like

>Batsmen:  Lathwell, D Bicknell, Atherton, Smith, Stewart, Ramprakash, Blakey,  
>Hick(>), Bailey(?), Whitaker

>Bowling:  Malcolm, Caddick, Watkin, M Bicknell, Andy Pick, Igglesden, Ilott,  
>Salisbury, Cork, Such, Tuffnell(>), Reeve, Newport

>Keeping:  Russell, Rhodes (if the batting is short, Stewart of Blakey could  

I doubt very much that anyone who is 28 years of age or older and is not
already an established test player would be included in the nucleus of a
future test squad. From the above, this eliminates Bailey, Whitaker, Malcolm,
Watkin, Pick, Igglesden, Reeve, Newport, Rhodes.

I would hope that some of the good 21 and under players around at the present
would come under consideration pretty soon. Players like Daley, P Weston,
J Crawley, Rollins, D Thomas, Chapple, Loye, Broadhurst. Maybe even L.Botham
(after all, Tendulkar was the same age as Botham is now when he made his test