South African Test Squad Test One (Eng in SA 95/96)

South African Test Squad Test One (Eng in SA 95/96)

Post by Richard J. Lun » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

        I have a few comments about the squad of 12 announced for the
Centurion Park Test. (First Test at this venue I presume)

1) *Hansie Cronje
        He is developing into a very exciting captain; making some
descisions in his last few games I dont think Wessles would have tried. I
hope he has been working on those short pitched deliveries - Malcolm is
sure to be sending a few his way. He needs his openers to see off the new
ball to be really effective this tour.

2) Andrew Hudson
        I believe Hudders has been working *** his cricket, and I for
one am glad to see him back in the team. A good century against Zim will
have done his confidence a world of good. He needs to do well in the
first Test.

3) Gary Kirsten
        He had a good tour of England, but still needs a BIG score at Test
match level. He needs to put on some good partnerships with Hudson.

4) Darryl Cullinan
        After all these years of promise Cullinan is finally ready to
take over his role as SA's finest current batsman. I predict he will have
the highest average at the end of the tour (well maby 2nd to Mac, but
thats only because of Mac's not outs) and at least two tons - OK I'll
settle for a duoble century.

5) Jonty Rhodes
        I am really worried about Jonty. Yes he is a great motivator but
his batting has been a bit suspect recently. (This is unfortuantly not
the Hong Kong Sixes). One thing about Rhodes though, he does seem to come
through when the rest of the team is in trouble - and it's always good to
have someone like that on your team.

6) Brian McMillian
        He really has claimed the *unofficial* title as the worlds best
all-rounder. A superb tour of Zim with the ball and bat. Lets hope that
SA dont have to use his batting skills to often - 'cos if he is doing
well then the rest of the team is usually in a spot of bother. I'm
looking forward to his bowling.

7) Dave Richardson
        I like Richardson. And I dont think he gets the recognition he
deserves. A superb Test series with the bat against New Zealand, and a
very safe pair of hands. His only disappointing stat is stumpings - but a
team needs good spin bowlers for that. With Donald and Schultz firing
look for at least 6 caught behinds per innings.

8) Craig Matthews
        The stock steamer. Matthews will be toiling away while Donald and
Schultz (and Mac) are firing from the other end. He'll get his share of
the wickets, the English might *think* he is easier to get away than the

9) Shaun Pollock
        I must confess I am very sad not to see DeVilliers' name here -
What has Happened???? Pollock is young and aggressive and will drive the
drinks cart with the determination of a Sarel van der Merwe.

10)Alan Donald
        Game Over right there. Donald is looking very good, he has
shortened his runup has found a new rythm and seems very accurate (cf.
Dennis Lillee) This Series is really about the SA pace bowlers against
the Mighty English Batsmen.

11) Brett Schultz
        Glad to have him back in the team. I hope he can stay injury free
for the tour. His left arm ***s will give the batsmen something to think
about. Just ask Sri Lanka. Probably two ten wicket halls.    

12) Clive Eks***
        I really don't understand the selectors. Why send Symcox and Boje to
Zim and then select Eks***. Although Eks*** can be a very good wicket
guard. Well lets hope he learned something at the spin academie he's been

Heres to a good game England !!!

*       Richard J. Lund.
*       Creighton University
*       Omaha, Nebraska
*       Somewhere in middle America

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