Bush can't bowl Laden out: Imran Khan

Bush can't bowl Laden out: Imran Khan

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Bush can't bowl Laden out: Imran Khan

               Imran Khan sits inside his luxurious double-storey house
in Islamabad's finest suburb
               with Henry Kissinger's latest book on the coffee table,
CNN on television and anger over
               the US bombing of Afghanistan on his mind.

               Recognised as one of cricket's finest tacticians and a
national icon, the former Pakistan
               captain turned politician believes the US decision to
attack Afghanistan will backfire.

               "With each bomb that falls on Afghanistan,
anti-Americanism is growing in Afghanistan,
               in Pakistan and across the Muslim world," Khan said in an
interview with Agence

               When it comes to the troubled relationship between the
West and the Islamic world,
               Khan is well placed to comment.

               The scion of a prominent family of Pashtuns -- the
fiercely independent tribe that
               dominates Afghanistan -- Khan was educated at Britain's
prestigious Oxford University,
               where he took a degree in politics, philosophy and

               When he announced that he was to marry his wife Jemima,
the daughter of British
               Jewish financier Sir James Goldsmith, many expected him
to settle permanently in one
               of London's s***ier neighbourhoods.

               Instead he has based himself in Pakistan's cultural
capital Lahore, from where he leads
               his own political Justice Movement and runs a cancer
hospital he established in
               memory of his late mother, Shaukat Khanum.

               Khan's beautiful blonde wife, his globe-trotting sporting
career, and his devotion to
               Islam are all part of a complex mix from which his views
on events following the
               September 11 terrorist strikes on the United States have
been distilled.

               "The moment I saw those scenes on television I knew the
world was never going to be
               the same again," the 48-year-old says.

               "The immediate response we all feared was this clash of
civilisation theory would
               become a self-fulfilling prophecy. "We all worried what
the United States was going to
               do because there was this raging bull out for revenge but
there was no clear target.

               "So we waited for what they were going to do and they
zeroed in on this part of the

               Khan says he does not object to Osama bin Laden, the
accused mastermind of the
               attacks on the United States who is hiding in
Afghanistan, being brought to justice.

               It is President George W Bush's "wanted dead or alive"
form of justice and the military
               action that is killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan
that Khan says is wrong for m***
               and political reasons.

               "The longer and ***ier the attacks become, the greater
the sense of injustice in this
               part of the world and the more the hatred will grow
against America," he says.

               "This is what bin Laden wants. He wants the sympathies of
the Muslim world with him.
               He will play on the double standards of the Western

               Khan says Americans do not understand the reasons for the
terrorist attacks on them
               and accuses the nation's media and political institutions
of keeping the population in
               the dark.

               "Unfortunately in the United States there is still this
denial going on. "I keep watching
               American television programs and I am shocked that they
are referring to this hatred
               which has caused these terrorist attacks and they
attribute it to (Muslim martyrs getting)
               ***s in heaven.

               "They don't want to look deeper into the causes.
Unfortunately the reason is a very a sad
               thing -- the Israeli lobby is so powerful in the United
States in the media and Congress,
               it just does not allow the debate to take place."

               Khan says issues such as Washington's support for Israel
and "denying Palestinians
               all their rights" are not discussed in the United States
for fear of being labelled

               "But they don't understand they are endangering their
security in the long run by doing
               this and they are endangering the whole globe."

               Khan describes bin Laden as a product of the CIA, in
reference to the United States'
               intelligence agency support for the Saudi-born dissident
when he fought in Afghanistan
               against the Soviet invasion between 1979 and 1989.

               "Now he's become a symbol of anti-Americanism not only in
the Muslim world, but all
               over the world as a resistance to the great power."

               Kahn says killing bin Laden, as the United States is
aiming to do, will make him a
               martyr. "Then there will be more Osama bin Ladens and
that is playing directly into his
               hands -- that's what he wants.

               "In my opinion the way to deal with him was how a
civilised world should have dealt with
               him and that is to have a powerful international court
where evidence was presented."

               Khan says one of his biggest fears is that the US bombing
of Afghanistan will lead to a
               massive rise in fundamentalism in Pakistan, leading to a
radical Islamic government
               and making centralist parties like his Movement for
Justice organisation irrelevant.

               "I see a worst case scenario that Pakistan, by supporting
the United States, ends up
               being destabilised, a radical government comes in and
then we get bombed by the
               United States for supporting terrorism. I can picture
that worst case scenario."

               As for the Henry Kissinger novel "Does America Need a
Foreign Policy" on his coffee
               table, Khan gives the impression it is about as
authoritative as a medium pacer
               trundling in to the crease with an old ball.


Bush can't bowl Laden out: Imran Khan

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one think i can't understand about the hypocrite, khan, is why did he
marry a jew?  i thought muslims hated jews as much as pork.

jemima must be dumb as a rock - does she not realize that muslims hate
jews?  i think that she converted to islam.


Bush can't bowl Laden out: Imran Khan

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A woman is "hot" can make a guy do many things.  She must be "hot".