Veeru: If cricket has a God, it’s Sachin’

Veeru: If cricket has a God, it’s Sachin’

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++++++++  Veeru interview +++++++++++
Despite being under pressure, the boundaries didnt stop during your
second innings 90 at the Gaddafi...

Im never going to leave a loose ball.

During that innings, Sourav remarked that you were batting like God.
Whats your reaction?

Im thankful for what he said, but if cricket has a God, its
Sachin... Aur koi nahin.

What has two-and-half years of Test cricket taught you?

The importance of consistency and the benefit of staying at the wicket
for as long as possible... The longer I bat, the better the teams
chances of scoring quickly and giving the bowlers time to get at the
opposition... My hunger has increased and a 50-60 wont satisfy me.

Where do you need to improve?

Eliminating loose shots, like chasing at the ones outside off... Also,
I need to curb my strokeplay in pressure situations (in a Test)... Har
aadmi improve kar sakta hai

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As usual, Panga in the Pak camp

Pak team trainer walks out after argument with Inzamam

+++++++++ Jimmy  AMARNATH +++++++++++

Sourav Gangulys presence will definitely help the team, but this will
also make it difficult to choose who should open in the absence of
Akash Chopra (it is very unfortunate that he has to sit out in the
interest of the team). It would be better to open with Yuvraj Singh
rather than the captain opening the innings himself. He has opened in
the one-dayers, but here he is just back from injury and missing two
Test matches and his unconvincing footwork may cause him problems
against sheer pace.

Yuvraj and Sehwag have, more or less, the same aggressive style and
are good players of short bowling. Sourav should bat at his customary
position. It would be beneficial for Laxman to come a drop down from
his regular position because of repeated failures.

This game can be so cruel and ruthless at times. Laxman could not do a
thing wrong in Australia, but here everything seems against him. He
looks all at sea against the moving, incoming delivery. It is horrible
to see such a good player all at sea with his poor footwork.

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Miandad:  Kamaal ki innings rahi hai... Lara lamba khelta hai.

Sachin: Fantastic and mind-boggling... All the more special because
Brians regained his record at the same venue and against the same
opposition... Obviously, such innings cant be planned, but its going
to remain inspirational.