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What happened in Nairobi yesterday, does not happen very
frequently. Nairobi corwd must feel proud what they saw
the real cricket between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Before going into the game, Pakistan knew they need at least
337 and also beat Sri Lanka to qualify for next match.

A win after making 250, 275, 300, 0r even 325 would have ment

Then Sri Lanka knew that even if they are beaten in this match,
but could score 290, they will be able to face SA for final.

Was that not very entertaining and challanging?

Saeed and Ellahi started well. 60 runs in 10 overs. Eallahi departed
at this stage. I thought it is all over! I was checking score from
internet after every 15 mins. Dfter Ellahi went out, and in next
15 mins when I checked the score, I could not believe.

Sahahid had already scored 31 runs in 14 balls, and Saeed was
at 34.

The more surprise were to come in next 15 mins. Thus when I put
my computer ON at that stage, this man was on 72 in 25 balls
with 3 fours, and 9 sixes!!

Pakistan was about 125+ in 15 overs!!

Then I saw the histrory being created. This new comer (I have been
told that he is a bowler, not a batsman) had scored century in
37 balls hitting 11 sixes, and 4 fours!

Pakistan crossed the 337 target eassily, and in fact went on to
score 371.

Sri Lanka started badly losing 4 wickets until they reached 27.
But, no doubt they are the current champions. De Salive scored
122 in 116 balls, and fell just short of ONE run to qualify
for the final.

Well played Pakistan, and of course well played Sri Lanka.
Only one team had to win. And LUCK and Afridi was with Pakistan

The anchor role was played by Saeed Anwar (also scored century
in the process)

No wonder it was a match between the Ex-Champions and the current


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