What a great match!

What a great match!

Post by Pankaj Sh » Sun, 24 Apr 1994 06:54:28

Well, the Sharjah final is the first one-day international I have watched live
ever in my life, and what a great match it was!  The tussle between the teams
while Pakistan batted was just about the most INTENSE cricket I have ever seen.
For my money, Basit Ali has all the talent and maturity to help Pakistanis and
the rest of the world forget Miandad in a hurry.  Of course, now that Miandad
has un-retired, I can just imagine having both of them in the middle . . .

During the Indian innings, it was ironic that relatively bad fulltosses acc-
ounted for the wickets of two of the best hitters in the team: SRT and Bedade.
Azhar got out to one of the best out***s I saw in the match.  Sidhu and
Mongia should try to figure out what led to their embarassing dismissals.
The partnership between Kambli and Bedade was classic, and reminded me of the
awesome partnership between Imran and Miandad int he last World Cup final.  

All in all, both teams can claim to be of relatively equal strength, with
Pakistan having the edge because of having 8 good batsmen in the lineup.  *I*
did not see much difference in the relative quality of bowling of the two
sides.  Akram is awesome (expected), but then I think so is Srinath (hoped).
Kumble did not appear to be bowling as tightly as his reputation suggests, but
this *was* the flat Sharjah wicket, and the Aussies and Pakistanis know what to
do with imperfect leg spinners.

Given all the swings of fortune during the match, I believe that the better
team justly won the match.

Looking forward to the further exploits of both these teams,