Dexter : I am not going to quit...

Dexter : I am not going to quit...

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Defiant Dexter sits firm in chair

By Richard Bright

     Ted Dexter, the chairman of the England selectors, yester-
day defied calls for  his own  resignation  following the deci-
sion by  Graham Gooch to  stand down as captain. "I'm carrying
on  until I'm  told otherwise," he said. "I  make sure I don't
hear the criticism.  When the chairman  of the Test and County
Cricket Board  picks up the  phone and  starts bawling  me out,
then I shall listen. That hasn't  happened so  far." Mr Dexter,
whose term of office ends next March, was given a vote of  con-
fidence by the counties towards the end of last winter's disas-
trous tour of  India and Sri Lanka.  Since  then, however, Eng-
land's record has not improved. He has been criticised for not
standing alongside his departing captain, but said:  "I stayed
in London on Monday  to carry out  my adminstrative  functions
while watching  the Test on television."  He went on to list a
series of telephone calls he had made after Gooch communicated
his intention to quit "just before start of play". "I wouldn't
have  been able to fulfil all these functions if  I'd been wan-
dering around a cricket ground," he said.

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