Blofeld revisited

Blofeld revisited

Post by Haroon Rafiq » Mon, 25 Apr 1994 05:08:32

Henry was up to his old antics while he was commentating. Guess who
was the expert by his side. Imran Khan! Every time Henry would come
on, they would start discussing the Pak captaincy issue and Henry would
somehow find a way to drag that topic into the situation.

I found that Imran was not prepared to give too much credit to Salim
Malik as a captain even though in my and many other people's opinion
Salim has done a commendable job in the capacity of captain.

On an unrelated note, what did Srinath say to Basit after he bowled him
out? That almost started a major war between the Indians and Pakistanis
watching the match. I just remember Basit keeping his cool and just looking
around and giving him a frosty glare. (On the ball before, Basit had just
hit him for a six over *cover-point*.

Chauhan and Prasad
Both of them handled Saeed Anwar very well. You could see SA trying to come
out and slog them but they would drop a short ball to stop him right in
his tracks. That was very good bowling on their part.

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