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Post by peac » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 21:21:20

I have NEVER called an umpire a cheat.

> > With regard to Hair, (due to comments in his book), I thought that he
> > have a sub conscious bias against Murali's action. I did not regard this
> > ever as active cheating. They are mutually exclusive issues.
> > I have never excluded SL umpires from deserved criticism.
> > I have had a full go at some English whingers who have used the umpiring
> > an convenient excuse to be ungracious in defeat & downplay SL's top
> > on the field. To demean a great effort is bad sportsmanship. After all,
> > Graham Thorpe was quoted saying the following after the match:

> > [But despite the bitterness felt by some England players after the First
> > Test, Thorpe does not blame the umpiring for England's defeat.
> > He said: "The umpiring was not the reason we lost the last Test. Even if
> > they had not made so many glaring errors, I believe we still would not
> > been able to save the match.
> > "The reason we lost in Galle was because, apart from two batsmen, we
> > did not play to the standard required."]

> > Larrikin

> Larrikin,
> there has been plenty of criticism of umpires from you and plenty of
others here
> (myself included).
> If I recall correctly, you were the one who brought up this notion of
> subconscious bias.
> You have also, at every possible opportunity, with regard to the events in
> Galle, brought up the spectre of cheating. No-one that I can ascertain
here has
> in anyway accused the umpires of cheating, though they have questioned
> competence. Anyone who actually saw the match would more than likely think
> a reasonable thing to ask. Anyone who has questioned their said
competence, you
> have intimated that they think the umpires are cheating. criticism of
umpires is
> one thing, we're all entitled to do it. But your continual attempts to
> any criticism of the umpires in the Galle game smack to me, and I suspect
> others, of gross hypocrisy.

> Be lucky

> Faen