Aus-WI Tied Test help needed with bowling figures

Aus-WI Tied Test help needed with bowling figures

Post by Uday Raj » Thu, 29 Jul 1993 17:06:49

I was in the process of putting the scorecard for the Aus-WI Tied Test
(1960) on the computer, for submission to Cricinfo, when I noticed that
the scorecard I have (from the Wisden Illustrated History of Test Cricket)
has bowling figures for the Aus 2nd innings that don't "add up".

Here are the figures it lists:
            O   M  R  W
Hall       17.7 3  65 5
Worrell    16   3  41 1
Sobers      8   0  30 0
Valentine  10   4  29 0
Ramadhin   17   3  57 1

Total runs conceded = 222. There were 14 extras (b2,lb9,nb3), and the
Aus total was 232. Since this was long before they started charging bowlers
with no balls and wides, some bowler (or bowlers) had a total of 4 runs
too many against his name.

If anyone reading this has handy access to the scorecard of this Test, could
you please post the required corrections to the above figures?