Note on the telecast of tomorrow's Ind/NZ ODI

Note on the telecast of tomorrow's Ind/NZ ODI

Post by Manuvir D » Sat, 02 Apr 1994 11:40:32

Thanks to jatin, we have gleaned some information regarding
the possible viewing of the TV telecast of tomorrow's fourth
Ind/NZ ODI. Here is what we know. Also, you can obtain a copy
of this note through RecordBot as well.


    NZ/Ind ODI #4 Telecast On Friday

Here is some information regarding the telecast
of the fourth ODI between IND and NZ tomorrow.

The match starts (LIVE, that is) at 5pm EST.

There are basically TWO options you have as far
as viewing this match on a TELEVISION set goes:

1. You can view it TAPE DELAYED on Saturday AM
   by contacting your local cable company and
   paying for it.

2. You can watch it LIVE, ie starting at 5pm on
   Friday, provided you can arrange the foll:

   A. NZ Channel 1 will supply a FREE broadcast
      on the international channel.

   B. The cable company converts this PAL signal
      supplied by NZ 1 to an NTSC signal which
      they will supply on a PPV basis Saturday AM.

   C. Your aim would be to get this PAL signal
      for free and view the telecast.

   D. To do this, you need to either have a PAL
      television set, or an NTSC television set
      (most US sets) with a VERTICAL HOLD knob.
      The reason is that the PAL transmissions
      if viewed on an NTSC set will scroll very
      fast, so you need to adjust the V-HOLD knob
      to view the telecast properly.

   E. If you are planning to do this at home,
      there are no restrictions. Hence small parties
      etc are fine. If you want to go to a bar,
      check with the bar if they have either a
      PAL set or an NTSC set with a V-HOLD. Also,
      the bar might have some hassles with the
      FCC regulations regarding this telecast. As
      long as they do not charge you EXPLICITLY
      for viewing the game, you should be fine.
      The NTSC display will be black & white.

   F. Most important, the game is on F4, SOME CHANNEL.
      So if you go to a bar, ask them to look for
      the game on F4; it is not known which specific
      channel the game will be on. Same holds if
      you are viewing it at home.

Remember, the game starts at 5pm EST (10pm GMT)
on Friday April 1, US time.

- Manuvir