Enough of G. Hick already

Enough of G. Hick already

Post by R » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Surely Hick will never grace the England squad again. He palyed four
innings scoring 8 off 19 balls (two ducks) in three innings and then 68
off of 99, 8 x 4, 2 x6. The 68 off of his second innings was obviously
an, 'oh what the hell, I'm gone anyway attempt'. That  second innings
line looks like a one day batsman, not a test line. A few balls were
misplayed and I believe he should have been dismissed much earlier.

Enough with the blame being placed on the batting at the bottom of the
order. If you need to count on your bowlers to help you then you already
are in trouble. The bowlers BOWLING is what should be questioned.

England have a very good nucleus in Stewart, Atherton, Hussain,
Ramprakash (who really seems to be coming into his own) and even
Butcher. Moving Stewart down to fifth may be just enough to give him the
rest he needs after wicket keeping. Thorpe may be gone for good with the
back problems derailing him, but when healthy he is one the best. Why
Headley was chosen for this test is beyond me. His wicket taking was
good but run rate was horrible. the English selectors need to put more
value in what Mullaly and Fraser offer with excellent run rates on
off-spin pitches. Even though they may not 'fool' any batters they can
change the game just enough so that the spinners can come in and rattle
the opposition, after a much needed rest i might add.

I only hope that for the remaining two tests the Eng. selectors bring up
some other players to give them a taste of test cricket. I'm an American
and don't really know much about the county cricket players in Eng., but
surely there arer some deserving players. What happened to the young
fast bowling all-rounder that appeared in the SA series? Could someone
please list a few of the players they think are deserving of a look, and
btw, when will the Holliokes get a chance?

Robert..wishing I didn't like the England team so much