Why gavaskar always liked the windies attack

Why gavaskar always liked the windies attack

Post by Shyam Prasad Tallu » Tue, 18 May 1993 02:15:37

        Sunny gavaskar used to enjoy batting against the west indies.
In his debut series he hit the west Indian bowling to dust , which
resulted in the famous song...

        West Indies couldnt out gavaskar at all.

later on in 1976 when Mike Holding was near at his best he belted him to all
parts of the ground during his innings of 156 at trinidad where in
west Indian captain just gave up the hope of getting gavaskar out. After
making the west Indian fielders run  for more than a day he finally got
out at 156. In the following test at trinidad again, Mike Holding was
again hit all over the park for another century 102 which resulted in
Indian victory. In sabina park when the west indian had no clue where to
bowl to gavaskar, they tried body line at him. Even then he hit another 66
at jamaica the fastest of pitches.

 In delhi West Indian team which was intent in finishing gavaskar received
the thrashing of their Life. gavaskar hooked marshall, Holding, davis
and Daniel out of the attack.  

In that innings gavaskar was at his irrepressible best. If they pitch up he
drives them for four, if they pitch short he hooks them for six. Infact
Marshall for once didnt know whether he was going or coming. Finally after
giving them the pasting of their life he gave his wicket to Gomes.

Finally in the test at Madras he scored another double century against the hapless Carribbeans. gavaskar has a special liking for these bowlers. The fact that  
he cracked 13 of his 34 centuries against them proves the fact.