England under Atherton's captaincy - Sorry Mike

England under Atherton's captaincy - Sorry Mike

Post by Gordon L. Thursfie » Thu, 23 Mar 1995 01:53:23


>> I saw the press conferences concerning Keith Fletcher's dismissal yesterday.

>> I have to admit that some of the criticisms I have laid at Mike Atherton's
>> door in fact turn out to be the reponsibility of the England Cricket Manager
>> post.
>> Responsibilities like team spirit, motivation and confidence were clearly
>> defined as belonging to the England Team Manager post not the captain by
>> spokesman Alan Smith.

>Whatever Alan Smith may say, surely these aspects must be partly the
>responsibility of the captain as well as the manager?

>> I apologise to Mike Atherton and his supporters for that criticism which was
>> inappropriately assigned to the England Cricket captain.  

>Well, I don't think it was inappropriate. (It may of course have been
>unjustified, but that's another issue.)

It's a difficult one.

In sacking Keith Fletcher ALan Smith described the Manager post like Bobby Simpson's
role in the Australian team i.e. a much more hands on role with the captain just selected
from the 11 players and carrying out the Manager's wishes.

To what extent is the team manager dictating batting order, bowling changes, field placing
strategy etc ?

I criticised Mike Atherton on the basis that as captain he was responsible for all aspects of
play which was probably a bit unfair ?
On the basis that England have been unsuccessful the criticism would have been justified.
As things have turned out Keith Fletcher in the role of Manager/Coach has been deemed
the culprit responsible for failure.

It'll be interesting to see if Mike Atherton gets to captain all 6 test against WI.