D. Salman Azhar to hang his keyboard

D. Salman Azhar to hang his keyboard

Post by D. Salman [Enigmatic] Azh » Sat, 27 Apr 1991 10:42:31

During the past several years I have earned many friends (and made
some enemies) through computer network. Some of my postings may
have sent tingles down your spine with vivid descriptions. Others may
have tickled you with sharp wit (or stale humor). Still others may
have hit where it hurts. I may come across as conceited, but that is
just my repulsion to pretentious modesty.

           After much thought I have decided to retire from the net and
hang my keyboard (temporarily at least). The reason is simply that it
seems as if I am onto something in my research. Consequently, I would
like to immerse myself into it, and reduce the number of diversions.

           I thank all netters for making my experience on the net
entertaining and enlightening. I relished the opportunity of
interacting with such a diverse group of people from various
backgorunds. I would have never had the chance to interact with such a
wide range of characters before.

It has been fun! Good Luck!

Salman [Sigh! Parting is such a sweet sorrow] Azhar

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