Has Mark Taylor gone mad?

Has Mark Taylor gone mad?

Post by dp » Sat, 25 Nov 2006 20:05:11


> Unlike a biased Indian or a biased Aussie, I'll tell what I see. I have
> condemned Pawar's push and have appreciated Hayden's and Hussey's
> talents.

Same here. Maybe it is a Mysore thing :-) It is disappointing to see so
many people looking at most issues along nationalistc lines.



Has Mark Taylor gone mad?

Post by wisde » Sat, 25 Nov 2006 20:43:08


> Since the year is 1990, I can't offer proof in terms of web links. But
> Sachin was hyped to greatness even before he debuted.

Actually, this is correct. I remember watching some test match before
Tendulkar debuted where the television commentators took a few minutes
off from the match they were covering to show some clips of Tendulkar.
They also made comparisons of Tendulkar with Gavaskar saying something
to the effect that one "little master" was going to pass the mantle to
another "little master". The commentators then quoted an indulgent
Gavaskar saying that there was nothing "little" about Tendulkar as the
new "little master" played big shots and bashed the ball all over the
That was how I first learnt that a batting sensation like Tendulkar was
on the horizon!


Has Mark Taylor gone mad?

Post by Mad Hamis » Sat, 25 Nov 2006 21:08:40

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006 16:38:17 +1300, "Andrew Dunford"


>> one interesting thing about Mike Hussey is that it has taken him so long
>> to get into the Aussie squad - not because of any fault on his part, just
>> because it's so ***y hard to get a spot, but he has been playing
>> awesomely for Western Australia for many years now.

>Ah yes, that old chestnut.

>There was a time around 2001-2003 when Hussey was scoring a remarkable
>number of runs in county cricket in England, and I wondered why he wasn't in
>the Australia team.  Somebody pointed out to me that his figures in the
>Sheffield Shield at that time were rather mediocre, which is indeed the
>case.  In four home seasons from 1998/99, he scored one century each season
>and mostly averaged under 40.

He was probably a bit unlucky in 99/2000 that Hayden got a run in the
test team ahead of him.
Hussey had 3 100s and 3 50s averaging over 50 while Hayden had about
his worst first class season ever. Fortunately for Hayden he had a
great one day series and was, iirc, kept in the Australian squad in NZ
as cover once Ponting was ruled out of the tour.

After that Hussey's domestic first class form seemed to fall away a
bit. The bit I saw of his batting at that stage he looked a lot looser
outside off stump than he does now.

>The only time it seemed he really deserved a go (ahead of Katich and Clarke)
>but wasn't getting picked was in England in 2005.


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Has Mark Taylor gone mad?

Post by Southpa » Sun, 26 Nov 2006 12:56:59


> > > > How is this any different from Tendulkar being called great after one
> > > > year of his career. Hayden and Hussey are greats in my book (ICC
> > > > Ratings proves it)

> > >   Tendulkar made his international debut against Pakistan in 1989.
> > >   From memory, he had a good tour (not sensational by any
> > >   standards); but good for a 16 year old. Unlike Raina, who hardly
> > >   played any Ranji Trophy matches, IIRC Tendulkar played almost
> > >   a season of Ranji cricket before he was picked for the Pakistan
> > >   tour. I do not recall anyone calling Tendulkar *great* in the year
> > >   1990. Even Gavaskar at that time, advised against any
> > >   comparisons between Tendulkar and himself.

> > >   In his debut series, he played a sensational knock against
> > >   Pakistan in an exhibition match, where he took Abdul Qadir
> > >   to the cleaners. But in his first one-dayer, Tendulkar scored
> > >   a duck. He also didn't have a great run in the Test matches
> > >   that followed. IIRC, he copped a few bouncers from Akram
> > >   and Younis in the Tests. But I think the idea of the
> > >   selectors to *** a young talent in the cauldron-like
> > >   atmosphere of India-Pakistan Test matches payed off.

> > >   In 1990, I recall that Tendulkar narrowly missed scoring his
> > >   first Test hundred on tour against New Zealand. IIRC, he
> > >   scored 88 and fell short of the century mark. Had he scored
> > >   a century in that innings, he would have been the youngest
> > >   ever batsman to score a Test century. He later scored a
> > >   century in the same year, against England, at Manchester.

> > >   From what I recall, Sachin made steady progress in his
> > >   first year of international cricket. The Indian cricket fans
> > >   were quite pleased in the cricketing talent that they saw
> > >   in this 17 year old lad, but none called him *great* at
> > >   that stage, at least. Some fans like yours truly, were
> > >   hoping that he would have the potential to take over
> > >   from SMG, but knowing what had happened to some
> > >   precocious talents like LS, Manninder and Sada; we
> > >   couldn't actually bet our house on that.

> > So, basically you are saying Tendulkar was hyped even before he did
> > anything meaningful. Then I don't see any problem with hyping someone
> > who averages 75+ in both forms of the game and is already World #1 in
> > ODI rankings

>    I am not saying anything. It is you who is attributing statements to
>    me. Tendulkar was not hyped in the year 1990. If you think
>    otherwise, then provide quotes from former players at that time
>    wherein you claim that Tendulkar was hyped as a *great* player.

>    In fact, Vinod Kambli  made a truly sensational debut in the 90's
>    (compared to Sachin) and around 1992/93 people were saying
>    that Kambli was the next great sensation in Indian cricket and
>    he would have a great future. Sadiq, Samarth and Uday can
>    testify to this.

My "testimony" can be found at: http://SportToday.org/



Has Mark Taylor gone mad?

Post by Gilly's Dand » Sun, 26 Nov 2006 13:30:06


> this is exactly the thing needed...when one Indian puts a bouncer on
> the Aussies, the other Indian tries to help the aussie evade it...no
> wonder
> it is said that it is hard to find two indians united in anything they
> do...

Shridhar, you're almost 35. Isn't it time you gave up trolling and
started trying to make sense?

Besides which, if India is united behind your vision, god help it, and
all of us.