Allah says: "Pakis can't win"

Allah says: "Pakis can't win"

Post by Ern » Sun, 20 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Yeah well, I was sitting in my garden shed, the sun pouring through the
windows half asleep, when lo and behold this bloke in white garments,
moccasins, a long beard and sagging eyes came out of the sun.

He sits right down, mounts his hooka pipe on the table and continues

"Dude", he says, "wasn't that a fantastic game against the South Africans? I
had to conjure that one 'cause the final won't be much. The Pakis are a
great cricketing nation, but their current side has been decimated. They
don't even have their best batsman in Aamer Sohail there. Saeed Anwar, as
fine a batsman as he is, can only seem to score against teams such as
Zimbabwe and New Zealand. Mark Waugh is a powderkeg waiting to explode.
Thats why Steve Waugh bowled him against South Africa. The Pakis can't rely
on Inzamam all the time. Shoaib's bowled well, but hey, this is a World Cup
final. This will be a game for proven champions. Australia only need to
contain Wasim Akram. The Pakis on the other hand, have too many to contain."

...........and so it was foretold.