A New Book on Cricket Umpiring

A New Book on Cricket Umpiring

Post by Alan Tuffe » Wed, 12 Jun 1996 04:00:00

"Thinking About Cricket Umpiring" is a pocket-sized book on cricket law and
the practice of umpiring. The 64-page book (about 16.5 thousand words)
contains stories form actual play designed to illustrate aspects of law and
practice, considered pieces and  questions and answers. The book is
designed to make the reader think about the law and practice of umpiring.
It is intended primarily for those who have some experience of umpiring. It
will be especially useful for those who are preparing for umpiring
examinations or who are looking for a new way of brushing up their
knowledge. Because cricket can be a 'funny game' it is light-hearted at
times and it is hoped that it will entertain scorers and all serious
cricket-lovers too. Opinions are offered from time to time in the knowledge
that plenty will disagree with them!

Thinking about Cricket Umpiring is organised in the same sequence as The
Laws of Cricket and has an index so that readers can easily find their way
to sections of particular interest.

The Author
Alan Tuffery is a university lecturer who has been umpiring since 1981, He
is a Full Member of the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. He is
also a registered instructor who regularly hold courses in both umpiring
and scoring.

Ordering Information
Bull-Meadow Press at Box 5177, Dublin 5,

Dr Alan R. Tuffery, Department of Physiology, Trinity College, Dublin 2


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