WI vs England -- Score[Lunch] on 4th Day, 1st Tst

WI vs England -- Score[Lunch] on 4th Day, 1st Tst

Post by ronald singh apmt st » Mon, 12 Jun 1995 04:00:00

England seem to be more on their way to losing the first test of
the series vs the Windies.  At lunch, they were precariously placed
at 142/6.

The batsmen dismissed today were Ramprakash and DeFreitas, both by
vice-captain C. Walsh.  Thorpe is still there, battling on at 56.
Darren Gough, the "local" hero is happy he got off the mark this
time in front of his home crowd.  At the interval, he was on 3 not out.

Hopefully the Windies will be able to wrap up the England innings today
and begin chasing a hopefully small victory target (the lead is
currently 56, with the top order batsmen all back in the pavilion except
for G. Thorpe).

Ron - Just another devoted Windies fan.

P.S.  As has been the case so many times in this match, there was a delay
      due to rain in the morning session.