Pakistani official sees no split in cricket world

Pakistani official sees no split in cricket world

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Pakistani official sees no split in cricket world

   Karachi , July 1: A top Pakistan sports official on Saturday denied
there is a
   rift between the powers of world cricket over allegations of

   Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) director of operations Yawar Saeed said
   conflict emerged at the recent International Cricket Council (ICC)
   meeting in London. "It's in nobody's interest and cricket is a global
game and
   no such thing came up in the annual meeting," he told AFP.

   Cricket officials in Pakistan and India have complained that their
teams have
   been unfairly targeted by inquiries into match-fixing allegations
which have
   rocked the sport in recent months.

   Former British police commissioner Sir Paul Condon was on Monday
   Director of the International Cricket Council's Anti-Corruption
Investigation to
   probe widespread allegations of match-fixing. Condon's appointment
   bitterly opposed by Pakistan, who did not want an Englishman to take
   post. The dispute reportedly raised questions over England's tour of
   later this year.

   One of Condon's first tasks will be to look at testimony from Ali
   managing director of the United Cricket Board of South Africa, to the
   Commission that he knew of betting on one-day matches back in 1994,
   has been referred to the anti-corruption unit. Tapes of former
   captain Salim Malik's alleged conversations with journalists
   match-fixing, which have been passed to the ICC, will also be
forwarded to

   The Code of Conduct Commission will consider the Quayum Report into
   match-fixing in Pakistan, while Bacher's claims that former Pakistani
   Javed Akhtar had taken money to influence a 1998 Test between England
   South Africa have been referred back to the PCB to investigate.

   Saeed said Malik had already been banned for life, other senior
players had
   been fined and Pakistan had not been asked to "do any further
inquiry." He
   said Bacher's allegations that two of Pakistan's World Cup 1999
matches were
   fixed were "just hearsay."

   "The matter is with ICC Code of Conduct Commission and they will ask
   about his allegations. We can't reopen an inquiry on just hearsay and
   allegations," he said. "Condon would be working under the Code of
   Committee and he is just an investigator." (AFP)