Azhar : No mo' Percy in the ground!

Azhar : No mo' Percy in the ground!

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Azhar will complain to Peter about Percy

By Sa'adi Thawfeeq

India may ask ICC match referee,  former Australian batsman
Peter Burge to intervene if they feel that too much liberty
is being  given to Sri Lanka's `One-man cheer squad'  Percy
Abeysekera  during the forthcoming  Test and One-day series
in Sri Lanka.

"I would like to clarify that my only objection to Percy is
that he cannot abuse the privileges given to him in recogni-
tion of  his patriotism.  For instance  he is made  to feel
free to walk in with the new  batsman, flag in hand,  right
upto the pitch. If on the tour we feel that such freedom is
contrary to the smooth conduct of the game, we will protest
through  the appropriate  channels,"  Azharuddin was quoted
as saying by `The Hindu'  newspaper.


Percy seemed to cast a spell on the  present Indian captain
when he first came to Sri Lanka as a 22-year-old with Kapil
Dev's team.  His  fullthroated  heckling from  the boundary
affected Azharuddin's batting  and he failed to get past 43
in any of the three Tests.

"I am a  far more  matured person now.  I doubt  I will let
such silly  things upset  me.  I am  more worried about the
young players in my team.  I don't want them to suffer what
I went through.  That is exactly why I expressed some reser-
vations about the behaviour of the one-man cheer squad.  He
is perfectly  welcome to  shout,  but  please no  more than
that," Azharuddin is quoted as saying.

India are due for a seven-match tour of Sri Lanka on July 9.
The itinerary  includes three  Tests  and as  many  One-day


India should in theory start  favourites to beat  Sri Lanka
according to  computer rankings published by `The Cricketer
International'  magazine  on current  form of  countries in
Test and One-day Internationals.

India are placed  fourth in the  Test match ratings with an
18-point lead  over Sri Lanka  who are eighth  with 34.  In
the one-day international table, the difference between the
two  countries is not so great with  only seven  percentage
points  separating the two.  India are placed fifth and Sri
Lanka eighth.

However, Sri Lanka can draw some comfort from the fact that
India's  overseas record is poor -  not having won a single
Test abroad out of 25 played away  from home since  beating
England at Headingley in 1986.

The  rankings which do not include the present Adhes series,
rated  Australia  favourites  to beat  England both in  the
Tests and one-day internationals. Australia won the one-day
series  3-O and  are  currently  leading 2-O in  the 6-Test

Test match ratings:

1. West Indies   (77 percentage points)
2. Pakistan      (66)
3. Australia     (56)
4. India         (52)
5. South Africa  (43)
6. England       (37)
7. New Zealand   (34)
8. Sri Lanka     (34)
9. Zimbabwe      (18)

One-day International ratings:

1. West Indies   (62)
2. Pakstan       (61)
3. Australia     (53)
4. England       (51)
5. India         (50)
6. South Africa  (47)
7. New Zealand   (47)
8. Sri Lanka     (43)
9. Zimbabwe.


I am reproducing this report from a Sri Lankan newspaper "The
Daily News" from another forum.  Thanks to all people  behind
this for electronically circulating this kind of stuff here.

UMass, July 13, 1993