I agree I was aggressive, but I was provoked: Shah Rukh Khan

I agree I was aggressive, but I was provoked: Shah Rukh Khan

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I agree I was aggressive, but I was provoked: Shah Rukh Khan

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner and Bollywood superstar
Shah Rukh Khan faced the prospect of being banned from
the ***hede Stadium after an alleged scuffle with
Maharashtra Cricket Association officials as the IPL was
rocked by fresh controversy here today.

The MCA's managing committee will meet on Friday for
emergency meeting where a final decision will be taken on
a proposal to ban Khan from entering the ***hede Stadium
as both parties accused each other of misbehaviour that
provoked the brawl.

Khan categorically denied that he was drunk and claimed
that the scuffle broke out after MCA officials manhandled
his kids who he had come to pick after the IPL match
between KKR and Mumbai Indians. MCA officials, who have
lodged a police complaint against the actor, however,
gave a different version.

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