Vaas not the only one getting a rub.......

Vaas not the only one getting a rub.......

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Indian cricket board tells unauthorized Pakistani masseur to stay away from

Associated Press, Sun August 1, 2004 01:26 EDT . SANDEEP NAKAI - Associated
Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) The Indian cricket board has
objected to the presence of a Pakistani masseur in the Indian team camp and
directed him to stay away from the squad. Nair, reaching Colombo ahead of
Sunday's title contest between India and Sri Lanka - , inquired about Khan
when he saw an unfamiliar face donning the Indian team shirt in the lobby.
He inquired from Khan about his credentials, and flared up when told that
the masseur had virtually been part of the Indian contingent during this
``Who are you, and who approved you to be part of the Indian team,'' said
Nair as he confronted Khan, and then ordered him to remove the team shirt.

``Don't be seen anywhere near the Indian team,'' Nair shouted at the masseur
in front of several shocked onlookers.

Team sources, on the customary condition of anonymity, told The Associated
Press that Khan was not getting any fixed salary, but the players who sought
his services were paying him money individually.

Nair's censure of Khan came just one day before the conclusion of the
three-week event. Khan had been traveling with the team since its arrival
here on July 14.

Khan, who says he was the masseur of the Sri Lankan team in mid-90s, come in
contact with the Indian players during the tour to Pakistan four months ago.

``I've worked with several Asian teams. I'm a simple masseur, and just
plying my trade,'' Khan told AP on Sunday.
Published: Sun Aug 1 04:54:49 EDT 2004