What's wrong with Graeme Hick?

What's wrong with Graeme Hick?

Post by anthony all » Sun, 28 Jul 1991 09:18:30

I've been very disappointed with the performance of Graeme Hick, both in
Australia last summer and in the test matches he's played in so far. I
was really expecting great things from him after all the hype over the
last couple of years.  Unfortunately I've never seen him (or anyone else
for that matter since coming to the US :-( ) bat - does anyone who has seen
him have any idea about why he is faring so badly? Is it really the case
that he lacks the skills to face fast bowling?  This is hard to believe
since surely in County Cricket he must have faced bowlers like Akram and
Marshall - and on pretty 'seamy' pitches (remember Alderman in

Anyone got any ideas?


ps. Very many thanks to all the people posting cricket news to the net.
You certainly keep one exile very happy!! :-)

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