Holding, that great "medium-fast" bowler!

Holding, that great "medium-fast" bowler!

Post by David Wheel » Sat, 08 Jan 1994 14:35:44


>The fact that "bodyline" to this day figures prominently in such
>discussions should convince you that short pitched intimidatory
>bowling was not that common in those days...
>             As David Wheeler points out in a related message, teams
>used to have at most one really fast bowler who would put in a five
>over stint with perhaps two overs of really fast bowling.

Actually, that was Andy Walker.  Not that I wish to dissociate myself
from his comments, because I agree with them; I just want to be sure
that credit is given where credit is due.

>There is some truth to your assertion that people tend to have
>selective memories. Some old timers claim that Mohammad Nisar was
>faster than Larwood which I dispute. But I do not believe that fast
>short pitched bowling was this common prior to 1975.

Also agreed.

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