'King pair' in Test cricket

'King pair' in Test cricket

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 The records for batsmen dismissed first ball in both innings ('king
pair') of a Test match are difficult to come by. I think Agarkar may
have set a new standard having been dismissed first ball in three
successive innings. Here is a list of players achieving 'king pair' in
Test cricket; the list may not be complete.

AEE Vogler     RSA v Aus  Sydney(1)    1910-11
TA Ward        RSA v Aus  Manchester   1912
(he was the second victim of TJ Matthews' hat-tricks in both innings)
RJ Crisp       RSA v Aus  Durban(5)    1935-36
(he is a possible candidate for three consecutive first-ball 'ducks')
C Wesley       RSA v Eng  Nottingham   1960
GB Troup       NZ  v Ind  Wellington   1980-81
DJ Richardson  RSA v Pak  Johannesburg 1994-95
(scored a century in the previous innings)
AG Huckle      Zim v Pak  Harare       1997-98
AB Agarkar     Ind v Aus  Melbourne    1999-00

Additions/corrections are welcome

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'King pair' in Test cricket

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On a point of pedantry the Republic of South Africa only came in to existence
in 1966. Before that they were UofSA (Union of South Africa)

Mark Windisch
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