WC, Pak v SA, March 8, SA after 50 overs

WC, Pak v SA, March 8, SA after 50 overs

Post by Robert E » Mon, 09 Mar 1992 11:49:15

After 46:               5/183   (Cronje 33, McMillan 27, Extras 17)

Aaqib Javed back for the last few overs.  Quick single to Mushtaq
at point, he throws, misses, no-oe backing up, another overthrow.
Another two, that migt have been one, to Ul-Haq behind square leg
near the boundary, he didn't pick up.  One to long on to Zahid, he
throws, not well, Aaqib unable to take the return, but no extra there.
Nice drive by Cronje, to the extra cover boundary.  Single to Cronje
to Ijaz at cover, he throws at the bowlers end, misses, two extra
runs as the throw eludes Imran at mid on.  Slower ball to end the over,

After 47:               5/196   (Cronje 40, McMillan 33, Extras 17)

Akram again, around te wicket to McMillan, attempted leg side yorker,
single to fine leg.  Next out to point, no run, no throw for once.
Next aimed at leg stump again, well up, just turned to square leg for
one.  McMillan stepped away from the next, attempted cut, missed
into the stumps - ball just like the prevoius two, but with the batsmen
no longer there (he was well outside leg).

=       McMillan        B Akram                  34     6/198   42 balls

Richardson in at number 8.  He gets no ball first, aimed in a similar
direction, just a bit more towards leg, beats Richarsson completely
between his legs.  Next outside off, swinging away.  Next back on
line, well up, just blocked away, no run.

After 48:               6/199   (Cronje 41, Richardson 0, Extras 18)

Aaqib to Cronje, full toss, knee high, on leg stump, turned behind
square for a single, 200 up.  Richardson stepped away, attempted to
cut, no run as he missed, ball passed outside off stump.
Slower ball next, hit over extra cover, but just a single.
Cronje feinted to step away, then stepped inside the ball, hit it
in the air over square leg, just a single.  Richardson plays
out to cover, throw at Cronje's end, missed.  No ball next from Aaqib,
Rishardson hit it in the air to mid off, Mushtaq caught it, then realised
it was a no ball, threw it in, batsmen have two .. throw back to
Aaqib from Moin hit him in the head, he wasn't paying attention.  Another
single final ball.

After 49:               6/205   (Cronje 43, Richardson 4, Extras 19)

Aaqib has gone off now, still holding his head. Rameez on.  Akram to
bowl the final over.  Single to long on for Richardson.    Edge to
third man, another single to Cronje.  Richardson stepped away from
the next, the ball pitched on leg, straightened, and took leg stump.

=       Richardson      B Akram                   5     7/207   10 balls

Snell in next, just three balls left in the innings, he also stepped away,
full toss, hit it to mid off, single.  Cronje steps away, edge to third
man, not picked up doen there, by Rameez, two easy runs.  Just a single
to extra cover to end the innings.

After 50:               7/211   (Cronje 47, Snell 1, Extras 19)

=       Cronje                  not out          47
=       Snell                   not out           1
=               Extras                           19
=       Overs 50:                       7/      211