Trouble in paradise

Trouble in paradise

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Buddhist - Vesak Massacre remembered in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, May 17, 2003 18:19 GMT]

In Aayiththiyamalai, a village in the district's interior, 16
kilometres west of the eastern town, a special service was held
Saturday at the local church for ten orphans who were massacred by Sri
Lanka army soldiers and Policemen during the Vesak festival in
Batticaloa town three years ago on 17 May. Sri Lankan armed forces,
however, celebrated Vesak, the annual Buddhist light festival as usual
in Batticaloa this week.

Children from the Catholic Church orphanage in Aayiththiyamalai who
were on a visit to Batticaloa on 17 May, 2000 to see special Vesak
lanterns and other festival decorations by the Sri Lankan armed forces
in the eastern town were shot dead by special forces soldiers from the
SLA's 23-3 Brigade HeadquarteArs.

Eleven civilians were also shot dead by the SF soldiers in the Vesak

A Sri Lanka army soldier helping build a giant lantern in Batticaloa
town Saturday

Fr. Chandra Fernando, the priest who accompanied the children from the
orphanage as a special guardian and guide was seriously wounded in the
shooting. The priest, though in a critical condition, was treated in
secrecy to avoid blackmail and harassment by the SLA.

"Investigations by Colombo into this gruesome massacre were half
hearted from the beginning", said Mr.Joseph Pararajasingham,Tamil
National Alliance MP.

The Batticaloa Vesak Massacre was not fully investigated by the Sri
Lanka Police. No perpetrator of the gruesome massacre was ever bought
before justice.

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Human Rights Abuses Executed By Sri Lankan Forces

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May 19, 2000  : Jaffna  -  Sri Lanka

 Jaffna Shelling kills fif*** at home for aged

Aid agency sources in the north said Sunday that 15 persons were
killed and 31 wounded at the home for the aged in Kaithady, east of
Jaffna town, when it was hit by artillery shells on Friday May 19. The
Sri Lankan army has been shelling the general area of Kaithadi heavily
since the Liberation Tigers overran its positions in around this
junction town on May 17.

Memory of the day:

May 19, 1997  : Kilinochchi  -  Sri Lanka

 Kilinochchi Sinhala soldiers attack Tamils - 2 killed, 2 escape with

Jeganathan 30 and Sasikumar 14 were killed while Munisamy 30 and
Puvaneswary 10 escaped with serious injuries when Sinhala soldiers
attacked them. One soldier stood on Jeganathan's chest and chopped him
said escaped eyewitness to the army atrocity. The four had gone to
Parathipuram in army held Kilinochchi to inspect their homes which
they abandoned after army invasion. They were caught by a band of
soldiers who were lying in wait in one of the houses. Sasikumar was
decapitated in one stroke while Jeganathan was chopped alive. One
soldier stood on his chest and did the cutting while four others held
him down said the eyewitness.

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Quote of the Day

"The Sinhala people should first of all recognise the very basis of
the Tamil national question - in other words, the Tamil homeland, the
Tamil nationality and the right of our people to self determination.
If these basic principles are recognised then there is a possibility
for unity between the Tamil and Sinhala peoples. "

- Velupilllai Pirabakaran, National Leader of Tamil Eelam


""""""""""""" - Tamil Tiger leader  Mr Pirapaharan appealed to the
Sinhala people to support the aspirations of the Tamils for autonomy
and self-government in their own lands. If our demand for regional
self-rule based on the right to internal self-determination is
rejected, we have no alternative other than to secede and form an
independent state,' the Tamil leader declared. -""""""""""""""""

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