[Scorecard] Wills Final: Wills XI v Bengal, 5 Nov 1995

[Scorecard] Wills Final: Wills XI v Bengal, 5 Nov 1995

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Wills Trophy Finals
Wills XI v Bengal
Brabourne Stadium, Bombay, 5 November 1995

Wills XI outplays Bengal in final - G. Viswanath

Wills XI which looked a champion side right through the week out-
played   Bengal   in   the 17th final of the Wills Trophy limited
overs tournament at the Brabourne stadium, Cricket Club of  India
on Sunday.

A crowd in the surplus of 6000 may  have  been  disappointed that
Wills  captain  Sachin  Tendulkar  failed to repeat his rampaging
batsmanship, but Gagan Khoda, Sanjay  Manjrekar and  Praveen Amre
saw   Wills   XI   set   a  target  of 300. This was after Bengal
skipper Utpal Chatterjee threw a challenge after winning the toss
and inserting Wills XI to bat on a well rolled out batting track.
But Bengal faded without making  a direct  effort.  Only   Saurav
Ganguly  displayed  grit  to combat the varied Wills XI attack to
get to his century, but it was defeated by 75 runs, finishing  at
224 for 6 wickets against Wills XI`s 299 for 5 wickets.

After the match Tendulkar, said  he  was  disappointed  that   he
failed  to  make another century. ``But then I played a rash shot
and got out. That`s the way I played at Rajkot and Ahmedabad.  It
happens. But I was very much impressed with Manjrekar`s knock. He
is a very good No. 3 batsman in Tests and one-dayers.  He   paces
his  game  nicely... and gradually accelerates. Obviously Praveen
(Amre) was the pick of our team today. He played really well. And
also Rahul Dravid who batted extremely well in the end overs.``

The target set by  Wills  XI,   the   highest   in   17   finals,
prescribed a hectic pace in the first 15 overs and clever batting
in the middle overs, but Bengal did not really put its heart   in
the  match.  Said  Tendulkar, ``I agree it was a big score. But I
don`t think they really tried to make a match of it.  It  was   a
good  batting track. Well, Sairaj (Bahutule) and Venkatramana got
appreciable turn and bounce, but I still  feel that  the   Bengal
batsman  did  not  try  hard  enough. Saurav played a compact in-

There was  the prospect  of another rousing batting by Tendulkar.
The  hype  for  the final had been so much focussed on him.  Sure
enough the crowd was only too pleased to see Tendulkar  walk  out
with  Gagan  Khoda.  But  today  Bengal looked at a ``gift`` when
Tendulkar`s forceful shot on the on side, took the  leading  edge
and  soar over point and finally come down a couple of yards out-
side the 30-yard circle. Saurav Ganguly  running  sideways   from
point came under the catch, but dropped the ball.

Scorching pace

This was in the  second over of the morning from Arindham Sarkar.
Bengal  paid heavily for that lapse.  Tendulkar did not stay long
enough to score a century, but set a scorching pace for Wills  XI
to accrue runs at seven an over. In the very same over, Tendulkar
had punched to mid wicket,  flicked  behind square and executed a
backfoot  cut to  pick up three fours.  Then he stepped out to on
drive Sarkar and cover drive Utpal Chatterjee.

And it was a Sunday when Khoda almost matched Tendulkar.  He  had
more   of  the strike and stroked with perfect timing in front of
the wicket. The select shot of his first five boundaries  was the
bent   knee cover drive off Saurav Ganguly.  This was followed by
a straight hit four of the same bowler.  With both   batsmen   in
command  Wills  XI`s score raced past 50.  With Khoda taking most
of the strike, Tendulkar, lost his rhythm and in the 12th   over,
he  made  a cross hit only to see the leading edge land safely in
the hands of Ganguly in front of point.

After Tendulkar`s   dismissal,   Wills   XI   prospered   through
Manjrekar  and  Amre`s  fine  efforts. Opener Khoda completed his
second half century in three matches. A backfoot drive of  Chetan
Sharma  and  a  lofted  on  drive of Chatterjee saw Khoda in good
nick, but in trying to hit off spinner  Sardindhu Mukerjee   over
mid-wicket,  he  mishit the shot to give a catch to Debang Gandhi
at mid-wicket inside the circle.

Manjrekar dazzles

Mukerjee`s third over and Bengal`s 24th saw Manjrekar in his ele-
ments.   It   was   the  beginning  of a middle innings push from
where Wills XI went on to make 299 for  five  wickets.  Manjrekar
pulled  Mukerjee between square leg and mid wicket four times and
lifted one over mid wicket. Five fours in that over saw  Mukerjee
concede   20   runs.   It   was  his last over.  The sudden burst
took Manjrekar closer to his  half  century, his  third   in   as
many  matches.   But   after   making  51  (48  balls,  7  x 4s),
Manjrekar was brilliantly caught by Chatterjee at backward point,
diving to his left and holding the catch with both hands.

Manjrekar`s exit saw left-hander Robin Singh come to bat for  the
first   time  in  the  tournament.  But it was Amre who grabbed a
chance to collar the Bengal attack. Amre`s superb timing  of  the
lofted  shots   mostly over cover and extra cover  and quick run-
ning between the wickets with Robin Singh and  later  with  Rahul
Dravid    depicted  the  batsman`s  confidence  against the  slow
bowlers, Chatterjee and Ajay Verma.

Amre cuts loose

Wills XI added 81 runs in the last  10   overs.   And   in   this
phase,  Amre  cut  loose  against  medium-pacers Prashant Vaidya,
Ganguly and Sarkar. It was a magnificent *** from Amre  which
brightened the chances of Wills XI eventually setting a target of
300. With Dravid, too, driving and pulling with power, the  fifth
wicket   stand  between  Amre  and Dravid  (34, 35 balls, 4 x 4s)
raised 75 runs in 9.4 overs.   Amre`s  80  ball  80  with   seven
fours was  an  effort  which was accorded a better rating by Ten-
dulkar.  ``I would pick him as the  man  of  the   match.``   For
someone   who  failed   to  score  a run when three other batsman
notched centuries against Hyderabad, Amre  strove  hard  and  was
determined   to   prove himself.  He  turned out to be the man of
the big final for Wills XI.

Bengal which had tried Mukerjee  as  an  opener   against   Board
Presidents`  XI  in  the  semifinals, was given another chance to
open with Ajay Verma. Bengal lost Verma, Debang Gandhi  and  Arun
Lal  quickly  with  Srinath and Paras Mhambrey`s incisive bowling
proving hot to handle. Mukerjee tried to make  the most  of   the
first   15   overs   field   restrictions.   Wicket-keeper Sameer
Dighe very nearly brought of a spectacular catch, running   three
quarters of the  way to fine leg when  Mukerjee, tried to hit out
at Mhambrey.

After that reprieve,  Mukerjee  played  some  authentic   cricket
shots, driving and hooking Mhambrey. There were a couple of loft-
ed shots of Robin Singh, and once Mambhrey at  long  off drop   a
skier.  But  after being in the middle for 28 overs, Mukerjee fi-
nally holed out a catch to Manjrekar at long on off  the  bowling
of  Bahutule who extracted big turn and bounce during his 10 over

Bengal ought to have sent in a specialist batsman with a big tar-
get   to   achieve,   but it preferred Mukerjee who made 42 runs,
but he was in the middle for 28 overs denying Bengal  to make   a
contest  of  the  final. Bahutule and Venkatramana sent back Saba
Karim and Chetan Sharma and Bengal by the 36th over was  precari-
ously placed at 125 for 6 wickets.

Ganguly, was  confident   while   defending   and   placing   his
shots,  but  found  it  difficult  to hit effective shots against
Bahutule. By the 40th over the left-hander realised that it would
be  impossible  for him and Bengal to make a real effort. Ganguly
played for himself with the sole objective of recording a  centu-
ry.  The only six of the match was hit by him of Venkatramana. He
had been very watchful against  Srinath who  was  used  in   four
spells by Tendulkar.

Srinath had conceded just 12 runs in his  first  six  overs,  but
Ganguly  was  bold  enough to effect a few cross bat hits to long
on against the India new ball bowler. Ganguly`s specific  aim  in
the   last   10   overs   was to get to his century and he accom-
plished it in the fourth ball of the 50th over from Srinath. Ten-
dulkar  had  all his men inside the circle in the last over. Sri-
nath did not give the batsman any scope in the first three balls,
but  he  bowled one short for Ganguly to pull and reach the three
figure mark. Ganguly made an unbeaten 104 (140 balls, 1 x 6, 8  x
4s)  and  he  had  every reason to be satisfied. But his team had
given up the race, well before over No. 40 had commenced!.

The Cricket Club of India, President Mr. Raj Singh  and  the  ITC
Branch   Manager   Mr.   T.   P.  Mahesh gave away the prizes and
mementos. Wills XI received Rs. 1,25,000 and Bengal Rs.  75,000.

====> scorecard

Toss: Bengal
Result: Wills XI won by 75 runs.
Man of the match: PK Amre (Wills XI)

WILLS XI innings
G Khoda               c Gandhi           b Mukherjee           62
SR Tendulkar          c Ganguly          b Sarkar              35
SV Manjrekar          c Chatterjee       b Chetan Sharma       51
PK Amre               not out                                  80
Robin Singh           c Arun Lal         b Chatterjee          16
R Dravid              c Saba Karim       b Sarkar              34
S Dighe               not out                                   4
Extras                (lb 7, w 8, nb 2)                        17
TOTAL                 (5 wickets, 50 overs)                   299

FoW: 1-74, 2-117, 3-170, 4-212, 5-287.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Vaidya                       8      1     49      0
Sarkar                      10      0     63      2
Chatterjee                  10      0     50      1
Ganguly                      8      0     50      0
Chetan Sharma                8      0     37      1
Mukherjee                    3      0     26      1
Verma                        3      0     17      0

BENGAL innings
Ajay Verma            lbw                b Srinath              0
Sardindhu Mukherjee   c Manjrekar        b Bahutule            42
Devang Gandhi         c Amre             b Mhambrey             8
Arun Lal              c Manjrekar        b Mhambrey             5
Saurav Ganguly        not out                                 104
Syed Saba Karim       c Khoda            b Venkatramana         7
Chetan Sharma         c Dighe            b Bahutule             2
Srikant Kalyani       not out                                  34
Extras                (lb 3, w 9, nb 10)                       22
TOTAL                 (6 wickets, 50 overs)                   224

FoW: 1-1, 2-12, 3-43, 4-98, 5-122, 6-125.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Srinath                     10      1     41      1
Mhambrey                     6      0     38      2
Robin Singh                  5      0     23      0
Bahutule                    10      0     32      2
Venkatramana                10      0     43      1
Tendulkar                    6      0     26      0
Dravid                       3      0     18      0

Source :: The Hindu