A question for the cricket umpires ....

A question for the cricket umpires ....

Post by Rajesh V. Sh » Thu, 26 Apr 1990 03:33:13


>I think that the bowler has to *throw* the ball at the stumps while
>the batsman is out of his ground.  The umpire would then signal
>NO BALL and the batsman would be out because you *can* be RUN OUT
>from a no ball.  If the bowler removes the bails with the ball in

so a run is scored too! (extras)

>his hand as a part of his regular bowling action, then is not the
>ball DEAD because it has not been delivered?

i dont think so, i have seen this done and it was a trick,
part of the action.

>Side note:  I was run out this way last year (without warning) and

sportsmanship requires a warning but with a pressure to win ...! :]