I am not brainless Shridhar :-)

I am not brainless Shridhar :-)

Post by Niranjan Vasa » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00


> It is sad that nobody talks about the movies with Amol Palekar in like Chit
> Chor, Rajni Gandha and soon. They are splendid commecial movies and are
> perfectly made.  Donot consider them too to be art movies. I donot know the
> director of these movies, may be Basu or Hrishi.

> What about Satyajit Ray as a good director. I donot know whether you
> consider him like the govt of India considered him as forgotten. I loved the
> rejection of Bharat Ratna by his family in the first place.

> bye guys

Well, you'll soon be considered as brainless as him if you continue
posting such messages in rsc :-)

And let me warn you, you are gonna get replies asking : which
team did Amol Palekar play for ? Was Satyajit Ray a bowler or a batsman ?
And so on ...

Niranjan. (sick of the posts and the replies)