one of SRT's greatest innings ever

one of SRT's greatest innings ever

Post by rg » Thu, 24 Mar 2005 15:18:46

Sachin Tenuldar at Eden Park, March 27, 1994

It was Holi day in India, and the little master uncorked one of the
greatest innings i've ever seen. He was elevated to the top of the order
for ODIs for the first time and it was an innings that I'll be telling my
grandkids about. 82 of the best from 49 balls, and the sweetest
destruction of bowling ever seen. Probably one of his most underrated
innings. The NZ attack wasn't all that bad with Morrison, Larsen, and the
underrated Harris bowling but Sachin played an innings only he can. His

and the 98 vs Pak in the '03 WC are rightfully given more press, but this
innings has been forgotten and I just thought I'd share it with those
who've not seen it. Out of the 50 greatest moments in my life, SRT is in
at least 12 of them, this being one of the 12.

If anyone has a video of this, please post it.