4th Test Aus v WI, teams & toss

4th Test Aus v WI, teams & toss

Post by mi.. » Sun, 24 Jan 1993 09:22:29

Richie Richardson won the toss and elected to bat. The teams are as

WI: Haynes, Simmons, Richardson, Lara, Arthurton, Hooper, Murray, Benjamin,
Bishop, Ambrose, Walsh.

Aus: Taylor, Boon, S.Waugh, M.Waugh, Langer, Border, Healy, Warne, Hughes,
May, Hughes, McDermott, Dodemaide (12th).

As you can see, I didn't predict the teams very well in my last posting.
Jimmy Adams must feel very unlucky to have been left out. I can't believe
that May made the 12, I would have thought that Border would have been
adequate as a 2nd spinner.


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