Geoff Boycott's brilliant commentary (was G Boycott's irritating commentary)

Geoff Boycott's brilliant commentary (was G Boycott's irritating commentary)

Post by Harish Chandramou » Sun, 27 Aug 1995 04:00:00


> Yesterday and the day before (ie during the
> first two days of this test), whenever Carl
> Hooper was called up to bowl, Boycott would
> keep saying what a lollipop bowler he is etc etc.
> Now it is true that he doesn't have that
> spectacular a strike rate (~50runs/wicket),
> but with figures like 23-6-57-1 (roughly, can't
> remember the exact numbers), you have to say he was
> doing a reasonably good job for his captain on a
> flat pitch.

Perhaps. But then again, England wouldn't have minded 570...

> I can understand Boycott's point when he said
> it was bad captaincy on RR's part for not using
> Ambrose and Benjamin earlier in the first session
> of the second day. And it is true that Bishop
> was bowling the wrong length and should have been
> taken off much earlier.
>But to keep describing Hooper as the lollipop bowler?

Well, consider the other options RR had at his dispoasl - and you'll
see just why the term 'lollipop' was used - come on, the MAN does know
what he's talking about - and what more can one possibly ask for,
than an IMPARTIAL and REASONABLE commentator, who also happens to
be the most (imo) knowledgable person connected with the game today.
His love for the game is clearly second to none, and I for one have
considered myself very very lucky indeed, when I've had the opportunity
to listen to his incisive and interesting commentary.

He certainly beats the hell out of a Trevor Quirk ANYDAY!!

Harish[*** Boycs fan]