Inzamam didn't inspire, says Imran

Inzamam didn't inspire, says Imran

Post by Ravi » Thu, 10 Aug 2006 17:43:29
Inzamam didn't inspire, says Imran

UNI | August 09, 2006 | 13:19 IST

Criticising Inzamam-ul Haq's decision to bat lower down the order with
a chest injury, former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan said the captain
should have braved the setback and led from the front in the Leeds Test
which saw the side losing the match and the series to England.

The World Cup winning captain was aghast at ''Pakistan's lack of
spine'' and in his column for The Nation, Imran said Inzamam just could
not inspire his side.

"Skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq should have known that he would not be able to
go up the order on the crucial last day and so should have made every
effort to spend time in the field on day four to be eligible to bat in
his regular position.

"When a captain leads from the front and plays through injuries, it
inspires his charges to brave challenges and adversity. I once saw Ian
Chappell bat for two hours with a broken hand against the likes of Andy
Roberts and Joel Garner. His standing firm despite the extreme pain and
discomfort that roused the Aussies to turn the tables against the West
Indies despite facing much superior odds in the next Test match," Imran

"Unfortunately, Inzamam prefers to play down the order which at times
has been successful yet it is a technically wrong strategy because when
the chips are down, the best batsman has to go up the order to avert a
crisis. It is far more difficult to bat once there is a crisis," he

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Inzamam didn't inspire, says Imran

Post by Sharat » Thu, 10 Aug 2006 18:58:35

I think it wouldn't have mattered, if he did bat in the top order, he
might have helped England more by running out atleast two batsmen cuz
of his injury !



Inzamam didn't inspire, says Imran

Post by ramapriy.. » Thu, 10 Aug 2006 19:44:02


> Inzamam didn't inspire, says Imran

I normally respect the stuff Imran says but this is the second time
he's done this to Inzy (at Perth earlier, as also his missing the
following MCG Test).

Unless he believes Inzy, Woolmer, Zaheer, Waqar and the rest are all
irresponsible idiots, how he could've known the severity of the rib
injury is beyond me. After all, the chap couldn't take the field for an
entire day, so it wouldn't have been some niggling discomfort.