4th test, Aust v India, Day 5, penultimate half hour

4th test, Aust v India, Day 5, penultimate half hour

Post by Robert E » Thu, 30 Jan 1992 16:01:47

At drinks in the final session, India 8/308, needing another
64 to win, and with 15 overs requiring to be bowled in the
final hour.

Prabhakar is 51, he's batting well, Raju just 1, not looking very
secure in the few balls he's faced.

Whitney on now, to replace Hughes, he's over the wicket to
Raju.  First ball played into te gully area.  next ball let go
wide of off stump.  Raju playes the next to cover, where Jones
picks up, and no run.  Raju takes the bat way from that one,
late, almost played at it.  Next one also played to cover.
He did play at the last one, but didn't get to it, and it
went through to Healy.

Hughes taking over now from McDermott, 64 needed to win in 84
balls, 2 wickets left.  First ball, played defensively by
Prabhakar.  2 regular slips, 4th slip, and gully now, as well
as short leg.  Next one on leg stump, turned around to backward
square, Whitney comes around, slides, can't save it. four to Prabhakar.
Next one just turned behind square, Whitney much squarer now,
just the one.  Hughes to Raju, just played to mid on.  Raju plays
the next to Jones at cover.  8/313, Raju 1, Prabhakar 56.
This is Prabhakar's highest test score.

Whitney to Prabhakar again, let the first go.  Prabhakar defensive
to the next ball.  No ball from Whitney, driven through extra
cover, overpitched, nice shot, four.  Prabhakar pushes the next slowly
to Jones in the covers, another nice drive next ball, this time
just forward of point, another four.  Defensive shot next ball,
players forgot there was a no ball called, and wanted to change ends.
Another defensive shot from the final ball.  8/321, Prabhakar 64.

51 runs needed from 72 balls, Hughes in to Raju, square drive,
takes two.  Leg bye from the next, after silly LBW appeal was
turned down.  Prabhakar plays the next ball back past Hughes,
but McDermott around to prevent runs.  Another defensive shot
just back past the bowler, and no run.  Prabhakar taken on
the pad, outside leg, no appeal, no run.  Last ball of the over
just pushed into the gully.  8/324.  Raju 3, Prabhakar 64 extras 16.

McDermott back on now, to Raju, with 48 needed from 11 overs.
First ball played to gully.  Next let go outside off stump.
Raju defends again next ball.  Raju drives in the air, safe,
between McDermott and mid off, three taken.  Next ball, Prabhakar
takes Prabhakar on the pad, LBW appeal, out.  That was plumb.
Prabhakar held out the bat, impossible to tell if he hit it.

Still 45 needed, Srinath in last, should be one ball of the over left
to face.  Srinath takes that ball, plays it in the air through
cover, and takes one.  9/328, Raju 6, Srinath 1, extras 16.

Hughes again, bowls to Srinath, who defends into the off side.
Srinath has to hurry next ball, just plays it in time, would have
been another LBW had that taken the pad.  Third ball played
defensively into the on side.  Two taken from one turned around
to fne leg, where McDermott fumbles slightly.  Next ball short,
but only just above waist high to Srinath, who plays it safely.
Big swing at the next, attempted big drive, just passed the outside
edge of the bat.  9/330, Raju 6, Srinath 3.

9 overs left to play, 42 needed, one wicket.


4th test, Aust v India, Day 5, penultimate half hour

Post by <SXK.. » Thu, 30 Jan 1992 19:23:47


>This is Prabhakar's highest test score.

actually he has scored 95, opening the innings for india. in ODI's his best is
108, also opening the innings. his best 1st class score is about 220- so he can
bat a bit!
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4th test, Aust v India, Day 5, penultimate half hour

Post by Robert E » Sun, 02 Feb 1992 00:51:40


>>This is Prabhakar's highest test score.
>actually he has scored 95, opening the innings for india.

Oh - sorry, I was just reporting what the TV commentators were saying,
I didn't go look it up (not that I have stats recent enough probably
anyway).  But its also possible they meant his highest test score in
Aust, and I just missed that bit.