Info needed on "TIED TEST MATCHES"

Info needed on "TIED TEST MATCHES"

Post by Krishnamurthy Subramani » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

        Hi net cricket gurus,
                I could vividly remember the tied test
match between India and Australia in Madras sometime in 89??.
It was a great experience to watch it live at the Chepauk
 Grounds. Can anyone post the details of the much talked
about and famous tied test between Australia and
West Indies in the 60's???
        Can somebody also post info on all
tied test cricket matches (scores,centuries,etc..)
                Any effort will be appreciated.

Info needed on "TIED TEST MATCHES"

Post by Dipak Ba » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00


>Can anyone post the details of the much talked
>about and famous tied test between Australia and
>West Indies in the 60's???

This Test can fill up a book -- actually there is a well-known book about
the tied Brisbane Test by Jack Fingleton titled "The Greatest Test of
All".  The last (8-ball) over of the test bowled by Wes Hall with 8 (or
so) runs needed for Australia to win, is probably the most eventful ever

Grout hit hard in the stomach by a bouncer and while he is collapsing sees
Benaud running toward him without calling so that WI fielders are not
alerted.  Grout straightens up and runs successfully.

Hall bowls, Benaud skies, Kanhai positioned exactly under the catch.
Hall, e***d, jumps right over Kanhai's head and muffs the catch.  One
run taken.

Hall disobeys Worrell and bowls a beautiful bouncer.  The ball takes an
outside edge, Alexander catches and Beaud is out for 52 hard-hit runs.

Meckiff nudges to gulley and they scamper for a run.  Solomon picks up and
throws square to the wicket.  The one stump visible to him goes over even
though Grout does a rugby dive.  Grout is runout.

Two balls to go, 3 needed to win, Meckiff swings Hall to deep square.
Batsmen run.  Hunte chases the ball like an Olympian sprinter, picks up
and throws from the boundary as the batsmen are running the third.  Ball
comes straight over the stumps into Alexander's gloves and Kline is run
out for the first ever tied match.

That match was characterizied two great individual performances:
Davidson's 11 wickets and 100+ runs in two innings and a spectacular
century by Sobers.  But the most appreciated fact of the match and the
series was Worrell's must-win captaincy and Benaud's positive response
that turned Test cricket around from sure death.  The previous Eng/Aus
test at Brisbane was called "The Battle of the Snooze".