New on CI _ Sat am

New on CI _ Sat am

Post by CP » Sun, 05 Dec 1993 19:40:56

New on CricInfo : Sat am

RSA in Aus 1992/3 now complete (thnx cric8)
IND in AUS 1991/2 complete - including *monster* MR 's ! (thnx also to c8
RSA : NTVL_BOL_CSC_25-28NOV93 now complete (thnx Eug)
Misc news : thnx various and Mu
Aus NZ, Zim Pak (thnx phil, Geoff, wasi, shash, gaurav... prob some
others too :-)
Ranji details (thnx Sonjay and various)

Also, *huge* effort from Shash loading *entire* Pak Wills Cup 1993/4
details !
inc: Summarised scores and tables from all matches ( I think ?)
Full scorecard from the final
Trophy Summary

Apart from the final, for which the Pak Cricketer gave the card, we don't
have full scorecards for any of the other matches.. if you have them, you
know what to do pls :-)

We seem to be averaging, at the moment, about 20 or so new files a day,
which is quite high (80-90 new in last 5 days). Hopefully this will
continue :)

As ever, see the RECENT_ADDITIONS file for details. The second number is
the number of lines in the file.



New on CI _ Sat am

Post by CP » Sun, 05 Dec 1993 20:04:39


>RSA in Aus 1992/3 now complete (thnx cric8)

Oops ! should be probal for T4 card..sorry :-)