I am scared of Oh-Straw-Yeah!

I am scared of Oh-Straw-Yeah!

Post by ruud » Wed, 14 Feb 2007 13:32:40

I am scared of Oh-Straw-Yeah!

Why? Coz they lost CWB series and that too 2-0

Thats a worry sign to everybody. They are wounded and they will come
back very very hard and make this tournament theirs one more time,
which will be very bad for cricket.

I am not saying if Australia won CWB series it would be good but I am
scared of Oh-Straw-Yeah now, very much.

This tournament could be another disaster from neutral point of view.

May God help & Luck smile on others this time, but till that time I
may not want to see this WC simply bcoz it will be boring, predictable
and one-sided tournament.

My *** will freeze if I watch this tournament.