Mike Atherton

Mike Atherton

Post by Kirren Dharam » Sat, 09 Nov 1996 04:00:00

        This is a news is a day late, but my computer was sick again
so I couldn't tell everyone about Mike Atherton's stupid suggestion
        Anyway, while the England cricket team were preparing to go to
Zimbabwe and NZ this winter, (they are currently in the Algarve in
Portugal), Mike Atherton announced that he did not want any of the
teams' wives, girlfriends or children to come and visit while the team
are on tour.

Now to me this seems like a very stupid suggestion, despite the fact
the failure of England last winter was blamed on the other halves. I
would have thought if the other half is out there then the boys would
behave. They would not stay out all night partying or pulling
unsuspecting local women, they are more likely to go out to dinner or
if they do go to a club they won't be getting drunk or anything like
        I can see the other side of the argument, like kids waking up
in the early hours and disturbing their precious sleep. I remember
last year one of the bowlers having to bowl for an extended spell
after a sleepless night because his child wasn't very well.
        However wouldn't you want the support of your family with you
on a long tour? I know I would, but what do I know? ;+}

Kirren Dharamsi

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