The "Finger" [ Ref:Salman Azhar's article ]

The "Finger" [ Ref:Salman Azhar's article ]

Post by Ashish Sag » Thu, 25 Nov 1993 00:17:41

>As Salman pointed out, he feels the whole trouble was started by someone
>posting a "finger" after Ind defeated Pak in WC92

Sorry to dissappoint u Salman.  I may point out that this "finger"
came up in Fall of 1991 when india lost to Pakistan in Sharjah.  
And the Pakistani fan who did that was from University of Maryland, College
Park. Why I distinctly remember that is because I replied back to him
but later realized that it was of no avail.

So, please get you facts straight before you start blaming others.  
But seeing your past track record on r.s.c I thinks its gonna be
difficult fot u. Boy! Never seen such a rascist bigot like u.  Be it the
English fans, the WI's fans, or the Indian fans, u just seem to be
having a problem with everyone.

Its people like u who make a person wonder if it is worth associating with
Pakistani's.  Luckily most of the pakistanis on campus here are not like u,
else I guess we would be having constant wars like 1971 on capmpus.

Ashish [ to salman's dislike a hindu sounding name ]
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