Best ever teams

Best ever teams

Post by i.. » Thu, 02 Sep 1993 19:17:50

It's always fun to pick all time great teams, and there's been a lot
of it going on in this group lately.  It struck me, however, that
it would be more interesting to look for the best teams ever to
actually take to the field.  

There are a number of questions on how you judge the team.  Obviously
one can use 20-20 hindsight, but for the biggest names you might find
one very young and one very old player not at their best.
Another problem is the laws of the game.  The 1957 West Indians probably
would not have lost with the modern lbw law, and the 1932/33 English
would probably be unbeatable if leg theory was still allowed.

So I'm going to leave these questions pretty much unanswered, and
put forward - in separate posts - what might or might not be
the greatest test teams ever for England, Australia, and West Indies.
I claim no finality on this, and look forward to serious arguments
about each choice!

All the teams I have selected are post-war.  There is no real reason for
this, except that it gets more difficult to compare the further you go
back.  As this is only meant to be a first guess, however, it doesn't
worry me very much that I was blinkered.  

Also, I was only thinking of test teams, another contender might be
the Rest of the World Team that played England in 1970, or the one
that played MCC in 1987.

Three more postings coming up.


Ian Gent