4th test, Aust v India, Day 3, 1st hour

4th test, Aust v India, Day 3, 1st hour

Post by Robert E » Tue, 28 Jan 1992 10:34:26

  Australia were still 44 runs behind, with one down, when the day started,
  Prabhakar bowled the first over of the day to Taylor, who didn't score
  from it.  Kapil Dev came on at the other end and bowled to Boon.  Boon took
  a single from this over, Taylor 18, Boon 12, extras 2, 1/37.

  Boon drove, quickly, but withot power, fairly straight from the first ball
  of Prabhakar's next over, Shastri fielded well to prevent runs.  Prabhakar
  bowled a short one that Boon went under, then a wide one that Boon cut to
  the boundary behind point.  1/41.

  Taylor opened his scoring for the day with a two driven through mid off,
  where Sidhu fielded, then again through covers for another two next ball.
  A cut followed for Taylor's first boundary of the day, 1/49 after
  Kapil's second over.  Boon brought up Australia's 50 with a single in
  Prabhakar's next over.

  Just a single from Kapil's next over Taylor 26, Boon 18, 1/51.  Prabhakar
  bowled a "bouncer" to Boon, who went down and swayed inside it - went past
  his lower back...  Still 1/51 after the over.  Singles followed from
  each of the next two overs.  Raju attempted to pick up one hand at third
  man, but missed - the ball passed through a patch of seagulls, may have
  hit one - in any case, two extra runs were permitted.  1/56, Taylor 31.

  Srinath replaced Prabhakar after a 5 over spell (12-4-0-27), just a single
  to Taylor from Srinath's first of the day.  Taylor turned Kapil square
  on the on side, both Raju & Tendulkar chased, and collided as they reached
  the ball together, then when Raju threw in, Tendulkar was still too close
  and got a (not too hard) hit on the shoulder from Raju's follow through
  after the throw - still just two runs.  Another two came in the same area,
  but more directly to Tendulkar next ball.  1/61, Taylor 36.  50
  partnership up on the last shot.  Boon hasn't scored in quite a while.

  Well, he hadn't, Boon drove Srinath through extra cover for four from
  the second ball of the next over.  Then he hooked a bouncer that actually
  did get up, into the ground, and square, for another four.  1/69, Boon 26.
  Raju replaced Kapil after 50 minutes or so of the day's play.  The first
  runs from his bowling were three through the slips (slip) from Taylor, that
  Vengsarkar had to chase to third man.  1/72, Taylor 39.  Just 2 slips
  and gully now for Srinath to Taylor, as Azharuddin realises that he needs
  to slow the scoring a little, attempt to frustrate the batsmen as he
  did in the first innings.  Srinath also around the wicket to Taylor.
  A maiden over.

  Raju, bowling to Boon, has a slip, silly cover, and short leg.  Srikkanth,
  from short leg, is getting plenty of fielding to do in theover, which
  ended another maiden, as drinks came on.  Aust 1/72, still 8 behind,
  Taylor 39, Boon 26, extras 2.