Bombay v Rest of India Irani Trophy

Bombay v Rest of India Irani Trophy

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Bombay v Rest of India, Irani Trophy
***hede Stadium, Bombay, 12-16 October 1994

====> Day 1, 12 Oct 94
Manjrekar slams maiden ton; Bombay 311 for 5 outset - N Prabhaker

Sanjay Manjrekar continued  from  where he had left last  season.
The   Bombay   skipper  was  in crackling form on Wednesday as he
hammered a stroke-filled 117, his maiden century  in  the   Irani
Trophy  cricket  championship, on the opening day against Rest of
India at ***hede Stadium.

The Ranji champions lost three wickets for 38 runs  in  the  post
lunch   session,  the  slide  which  began  with  the  wicket  of
Manjrekar, but still managed to finish the  day  with  a  healthy
score,  thanks  to  their  opener  Zubin Bharucha`s dour unbeaten
knock of 98.

The Bombay openers Bharucha and  Sunil  More  were  edgy  at  the
outset. More hung his bat out often to Prashant Vaidya and Bharu-
cha inner-edged Iqbal Siddiqui  to be very nearly bowled.  Howev-
er,  it was the vagaries of the strip which had a say in the fall
of the first wicket.

Bharucha had a life on 35 when wicket-keeper Vijay Yadav went the
wrong way and failed to latch on to the snick off Siddiqui.

Manjrekar was  all  over  the  spinners  and  he  smote  left-arm
Subramaniam for three successive fours- the last two were swept -
and a six over mid-wicket. He hit 21 boundaries and  the  six  in
his  134-ball knock before another knee-height delivery by Siddi-
qui had him plumb before the wicket.   But  having  been  at  the
wicket  for  161  minutes  it was suicidal on Manjrekar`s part to
have gone for a wild pull. The 163-run second wicket partnershlp,
which  was  threatening to take the Rest bowling apart, was real-
ised in 41.2 overs.

Amol Muzumdar fell cheaply while trying to work Siddiqui  on  the
leg  side  only to edge.  Sameer Dighe hit a brisk 57 in a 77-run
stand for the fifth wicket with   Bharucha.   The   stocky Bombay
wicket-keeper  played the only way he knew - to belt the ball.

====> Day 2, 13 Oct 94
Bharucha carries bat - Pradeep Vijayakar

BOMBAY,October 13.  Zubin Bharucha emulated  Sunil  Gavaskar  by
carrying his bat in the Irani trophy match at the ***hede Stadi-
um here today.  Thanks to his unbeaten 167 span- ning almost nine
hours,  Bombay scored 424 and had Rest of India struggling at 142
for four at the end of the second day`s play.

Bombay were well served by young legspinner Sairaj  Bahutule  who
captured two wickets and by mediumpacer Abey Kuruvilla who looked
like claiming a wicket every time  he  came  to  bowl.  This  was
creditable considering the slow track.

No praise can be high for the approach of Bharucha. He belongs to
the  vanishing  breed of batsmen who can put their heads down for
hours on end. Yet he seldom spared the bad ball,  which  was  the
distinct  trait  of  the  man whom he joined in the record books.
Gavaskar had scored 157 for Rest of India  against  Karnataka  at
Ahmedabad in 1975.

To his credit, Bharucha kept looking for runs till the end taking
risks and missing out on the record.  The record was not destined
to be his as his drive off Sunil Subram- naim was  deflected  off
the  bowler`s hand to the stumps, running out last man Manish Pa-

Earlier, offspinner Ashish Kapoor had pegged  down  the  Bom  bay
batting  claiming  the  wickets  of Bahutule, Karanjkar and Mham-
brey. Bahutule was brilliantly caught in the covers by Ajay Mehra
and the other two were caught bat- pad.

The focus was on the prolific  Punjab  openers  when  Rest  began
their  innings. Both were playing inside the line against the new
ball.Rathore was adventurous, playing the hook at  first  chance,
while  Ajay  Mehra,  the son of for- mer Test opener Vijay Mehra,
defended gracefully.

Mahesh Karanjkar, who got into the side when leftarm spinner San-
jay  Patil dropped out because of an attack of haemorrhoids, pro-
videdc the first breakthrough. The  unsung  offspinner  gave  the
ball  air  inspite of being hit over tht top by the tall Rathore.
The batsman was caught at midon trying to repeat the shot.

Then Bahutule took over. He gave a good display of legspin  bowl-
ing on a an unhelpful track.  He turned one sharply to push Shan-
tanu Sugwekar on the back foot and edge to Manjrekar at slip.  He
then  baited  Praveen Amre into hitting into the vacant midwicket
region only to get a leading edge and a return catch.  This was a
significant  wicket,  for Amre has never failed in the Irani tro-

Skipper Manjrekar had done well to remove Karanjkar  as  Amre  is
good  against spin. He had brought in Kuruvilla, who today bowled
better than he has done for some time. The bowler who  created  a
sensation  in 1991 with nearly 60 wickets, had  only 13 last sea-
son.  Today  he   bowled straight and  fast,  putting   his  five
kilo heavier frame into his action.

He almost had Amre leg before. A  lovely   slower delivery  which
cut from    the    leg bowled the well-set Ajay  Mehra   neck and
crop. New man  Rahul  Dravid had some testing deliveries   before
the close  but saw the  day out with `keeper  Vijay Yadav who was
given a torrid time by Bahutule.

Siddiqui had 4/106 off 30 overs, Kapoor 4/121 off  37,  Kuruvilla
has 1/42 off 13, Bahutule had 2/38 off 16.

====> Day 3, 14 Oct 94
Bahutule forces Rest to follow on - Pradeep Vijayakar

Bombay legspinner Sairaj Bahutule came good when  it  counted  at
the  ***hede  Stadium  today. With the eyes of three of the five
national selectors trained on him, Bahutule bowled unchanged  for
14  overs  as  he finished with a haul of seven wickets for 63 to
help Bombay enforce the follow-on againt Rest of  India  on   the
third day of the five- day Irani trophy match. Rest, who were all
out for 193 in reply to Bombay`s 424, were  81  for  one  at  the
close -- still having to clear 150 of the 231-run deficit.

Bahutule, with 387 runs and 35 wickets last  season  for  Bombay,
has  been  pressing  his  claims as a genuine allrounder.  He had
claimed two wickets in 14 overs last evening. Today,  he had five
of   the  remaining six wickets, showing superb control over line
and length. There was a  welcome  sight  of  the   ball  hurrying
through  on pitching, which ensured the batsmen had always to ex-
ercise care. Only in the second innings was Bahutule  hit,  twice
by  the  tall  opener  Vikram Rathore, who for second time in the
match, created a good impression.

One expected Bahutule to respond in the true  manner  of spinners
-  buy  Rathore`s  wicket. But that seems old-fashioned nowadays.
One contributing factor could  be  the powerful  bats they  make.
A  mistimed  shot reaches the boundary and a well-timed shot goes

After Abey Kuruvilla had overnight batsman  Vijay  Yadav leg  be-
fore  playing  across  the  line, Ashish Kapoor edged Bahutule to
second slip Sunil More. Sunil Subramaniam gave  a  return  catch.
Obaid  Kamal  lofted  into  midoff  Kuruvilla`s  hands. The well-
entrenched Rahul Dravid, who had hung on for 169 minutes for  his
40,  cut  a delivery turning away from him to be caught by keeper
Sameer Dighe and last man Iqbal Siddiqui  edgd  to Manjrekar   at

With  both  Kuruvilla  and  Bahutule  bowling    well,    skipper
Manjrekar  didn`t  have  to turn to any other bowler except Mham-
brey, who had four overs. Still, it was perplexing why the  other
spinner  in the side, offspinner Mahesh Karanjkar was not given a

When brought on as the fifth bowler in  the  second   in-  nings,
Karanjkar,   as  in  the  first  innings,  got  the  first break-
through. He got one to  turn  and  kick  and  the  well-set  Ajay
Mehra(32) was compelled to poke at it and push towards slip where
Manjrkear took a catch at the second attempt. The Bombay  skipper
had  earlier  reacted  late  to  snap  up  an edge off Rathore in
Karanjkar`s first over.

Rathore played the pull and the  lofted  shot  most  eagerly  and
there  was  never  a  dull moment when he was on stike. He is un-
beaten with 44 with six fours and a six.  A  real  big  knock  is
needed from the man who scored over 1,000 runs last season if the
Rest are to take the match into the fifth day.

Conditions were overcast for most  of  the  day   when   only  56
minutes  play  was  possible in the first session though play be-
gan on time. The rains, which lashed the suburbs, spared the Wan-
khede  Stadium.  A  morning  drizzle  held  up  play . The Bombay
medium-pacers tried to bowl fast instead of trying to wobble  the
ball and it was left to the spinners to get the wickets.

====> Day 4, 15 Oct 94
Rest making a match of it - Pradeep Vijayakar

An  unfinished   138-run   sixth   wicket-stand   between   Rahul
Dravid(74-133  balls)  and Vijay Yadav(82-114 balls), who adopted
the aggressive attitude of opener Vikram Rathore (115), saw  Rest
of India bring a dead match back to life on the fourth day of the
five-day Irani trophy encounter at the ***hede Stadium.  At  the
close,  Rest  who  had  trailed  by  231 on the first innings had
reached 390 for five to be ahead by 159 runs.

At the day`s end, Rest skipper  Praveen  Amre  put  his  personal
failures  behind him and  was  contemplating how much pressure he
could pile on Bombay by giving them 60 overs to bat. His counter-
part,  Sanjay Manjrekar, was left wondering whether enforcing the
follow-on was the right decision after all. Few  Bombay  captains
have done that over the last few years when the emphasis has been
to sit tight on the first-innings lead.

Manirekar`s handling of the bowling left much to be desired.   He
used  Karanjkar, the offspinner,  in  the morning but ignored him
in the second session. When  brought  on  in  the  last  session,
Karanjkar  induced  a  return catch from Yadav but failed to hold
the hard chance. Yadav was then in his twenties. Yadav and Dravid
[missing]  after that as Bombay`s fielding wilted and the bowling
fell away.The new ball had been delayed as  Yadav  usually  takes
heavy  toll  of  it and when it was claimed towards the close, it
made no difference with the batsmen well set.

No praise can be too high for Dravid. He had pottered  around  in
the  first  innings  for  his 40.  Today, he began with gusto. He
slammed a six and a four off Karanjkar and in the next  over   of
Manish  Patel  hit  three  fours.  This counter-attack brooked no
response from Bombay with the skipper running out of ideas.

An over-reliance on Bahutule and Kuruvilla left the  two  bowlers
listless  for  the  latter  part of the day as the ***hede pitch
went to sleep. Manish Patel, who had induced a catch from Rathore
when  he  was on two yesterday, did little of note after that. To
his credit,Kuruvilla bowled with great purpose  and  heart.   The
job  of softening up Bombay had earlier been well done by Rathore
who slammed 16 fours and two sixes in his 115, and  nigh***chman
Obaid   Kamal,  who overstayed  for as long as almost three hours
scoring 69 before Mhambrey had  him  fourth  out.  Rathore  left,
spooning   a drive off Mhambrey to extra cover. Kuruvilla claimed
Sugwekar leg before for six and Bahutule had Amre caught  lofting
a  catch  to  Mhambrey  at wide midoff for one. Bombay,***ahoop
over these three successes, spent the rest of the day waiting for
luck  to  smile  on  them  as Dravid and Yadav wielded a punitive
blade to wrest the initiative and set  up  an interesting   final

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