WI-AUS, Test IV, Adelaide, D1 Stumps, WI I: 252(a.o), AUS I: 2 - 1

WI-AUS, Test IV, Adelaide, D1 Stumps, WI I: 252(a.o), AUS I: 2 - 1

Post by S. Parthasarhat » Sun, 24 Jan 1993 17:41:50

TEST 4, Adelaide Oval, Day 1 stumps

WI won the toss and elected to bat on a good batting track. Riche was
justified with the opening partnership amassed 86 before Simmons was
dismissed (caught off a balooned leading edge) by SWaugh.

simmons     c m.hughes b s.waugh      45  (simple catch)
richardson  lbw        b hughes        2
haynes      st. healy  b may          46  (good work by healy)
arthurton   c s waugh  b may           0  (simple catch)
hooper      c healy    b hughes        2  (simple catch)
lara        c healy    b mcdermott    52  (good catch diving to his left
                                           inches off the ground)
bishop      c m waugh  b hughes       13
ambrose     c healy    b hughes        0  (ambrose beaten by the lift)
benjamin               b m waugh      15  (between bat and pad)
walsh       lbw        b hughes        5  (yorker?)
murray      n.o                       49  (sensible batting)
extras     (11 lb, 12 nb)             23
total    67.3 overs                  252 (allout)

bowling: mcdermott 16-1-85-1, m hughes  21.3-3-64-5, s. waugh 13-4-37-1
         may 14-1-41-2, warne 2-0-11-0, m waugh 1-0-3-1

just before lunch, wi lost the skipper (99 for 2). just after lunch,
they lost haynes (stumped off missed full toss), artherton, to a silly
shot (attempted cover drive without getting to the ball and lack of foot
work), hooper to fishing outside the offstump. the score was a
precarious 134-5. then lara and murray consolidated their innings. once
lara is out (just after a rain interreption), the end was inevitable.
but still murray with the company of bishop and benjamin, helped WI to a
score of 252. but a lot less given the good start they got. aussies
bowled really well, m hughes, tim may (offie) and steve waugh in
particuler. because of wet ball, spinners tim may and shane warne did
not bowl, after the rain interreption.

AUS innings:

m. taylor   c hooper   b bishop        1    (low catch, ABC commentary)
d. boon   n.o                          0?
j. langer n.o                          0?
extras                                 ?
total                                  2 for 1

bowling: ambrose 3.?-2-1-0, bishop 3-3-0-1

justin langer is a LH? batsman from western australia making his debut for
australia. he has replaced injured damien martyn.

bad light stopped play.  56 min of play lost during rain interruption
and some time due to the bad light towards the end.  

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